Energy Efficient Hot Tub Plugs Into Wall Outlet! Durable & Reliable, FreeFlow Spas are Affordable & Easy Care

April 15, 2011

Looking for a portable hot tub that plugs into a standard wall outlet? FreeFlow Spas are here at all Olympic Hot Tub Company stores . They’re for you, if you don’t want to do any special wiring and, if you’re looking for a well-made basic spa.  They’re great for rental properties, vacation homes, military housing, retirees or for anyone looking for a starter spa. They’re simply Plug-n-Play.

SET IT UP PRACTICALLY ANYWHERE. FreeFlow Spas can be set up on any flat surface with minimal preparation. Plus, Olympic Hot Tub Company includes Free set up and delivery in most areas of Puget Sound. You won’t have to lift a finger. Our delivery team brings it to your home and sets it up where you want it. Not a driveway drop off!

NO PLUMBING. Your new FreeFlow Spa fills with a standard garden hose connected to your home water supply. How easy it that??  You’ll need to drain it a few times a year and each time you’ll appreciate the simplicity and ease use of your FreeFlow Spa.

NO SPECIAL WIRING. Here’s the best part. FreeFlow Spas plug into a standard 115V wall outlet. No special wiring needed. And you won’t be sacrificing filtration-meaning the cleanliness of your spa. Filtration is the key to clean. FreeFlow’s  filtration features EcoFlow to keep your water clean and clear with the minimum of care.

RELAX. And, that’s it. Sit back in the hot swirling water and relax. Low energy costs are guaranteed with full foam insulation. The durable rotationally molded shell will last for years with no waxing or special care.  It’s not shiny, won’t scratch and comes in popular colors.

FreeFlow spas are NOT Hot Spring Spas or any spa in the Hot Spring Spa familyIf you are looking for a simple, basic,well made spa with low energy costs, FreeFlow Spas should be your top choice. They’re not fully featured with lots of options as are Hot Spring Spas. Instead, call them a minimalist’s dream!

Call the Olympic Hot Tub Company store nearest you today to find out more about Freeflow Spas-affordable, durable, portable AND “Plug-n-Play”.  3 Sport Models and 4 Premium Models give you a range of sizes and options to fit your space and budget.  Not all models in every store. If you’d like to see and test a specific model, call the store nearest you.

RES EST SERVAS VOLUPTAS. Pleasure is Serious Business.

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