Do You Yawn When You’re Soaking In Your Hot Tub?

November 8, 2010

BREATHE ..that’s the message your body is sending you if  you find yourself yawning when you soak in your Hot Spring  Spa.

Your body is telling you to breathe  more..much more!

Try taking deeper breaths or forcefully blow all the air out of your lungs as you exhale to improve the oxygen flow to your brain and to your muscles. Doing that combined with the hot water will get your circulation flowing and send more oxygen to your brain. That’s always a good thing!

We had an embarrassing thing happen on Friday which made me research yawning. We were on our way to a dinner party, stuck in traffic on Aurora when I called the hostess to tell her we would be late. “Oh, but it’s NEXT Friday”, she said!

Se we turned around and headed home.  First thought: “Get in the hot tub!”  It had been a long day and with the wasted 30 minutes  driving, I was tired.  Once out in the hot tub, I couldn’t stop yawning. After 10 deep breaths  and a lot of stretching, I was able to “arrive in the present” and appreciate the wind in the trees, the light rain, the warm water surrounding me and put embarrassing social gaffes behind me!  It was heavenly.

So take a soak tonight.  If you find yourself yawning, breathe.

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health Through Water.

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