Beyonce In Hot Water. Viral Photo Raises Issue of Baby Safety In A Hot Tub

July 5, 2013

Beyonce & Blue Ivy in the hot tubBeyonce took heat from snarky bloggers for a “major mom mistake” when she released this beautiful picture of her relaxing with Blue Ivy in a hot tub.

“That just isn’t safe!” judged one critic who said “most people” don’t consider hot tubs safe for babies. “I’m sure she’s a wonderful mom and would never put Blue Ivy in harm’s way on purpose – but taking her into a hot tub? Really?”

Well, really, a mother-and-child dip can be perfectly safe, depending on the temperature and condition of the water and how long they stay – information none of the second-guessers had.

Here’s what you need to know:


Because their sweat glands are not fully developed they can’t regulate their temperature in hot water like older people, and they could overheat dangerously if they stay too long. The U.S. Centers from Disease Control recommends keeping children younger than 5 out of the hot tub. However, some people adjust the temperature to about 98 degrees (as measure by a good hot tub thermometer), and many Olympic Hot Tub customers have told us they taught their babies to swim in the cooler tub. They don’t stay long, and the children hold them in the water to mimic swimming motions. Older children’s bodies can self-regulate, but they might have too much fun to notice they’re overheating, so parents should watch for the red faces that signal it’s time to get out.

2. TIME.

Think of hot tub time like bathtub time – 10 minutes is enough.


Chlorinated water is too harsh for baby’s skin, and the fumes are bad for their respiration.  Fortunately, you don’t have to depend on chlorine.  SilkBalance or an ACE Salt Water Care System keeps the water clean gently and safely.

You can share relaxing moments with your baby in the hot tub if you take the proper precautions.  Oh, and just a thought, I wouldn’t advise sharing the experience with a picture online. You might be sniped at by mommy police who know nothing about hot tubs and baby safety.

Have questions about taking your baby into the hot tub with you? Consult your own pediatrician.

Have you shared the hot tub experience with your baby? We’d love to hear from you.

Health through water or as the Romans said it SANUM PER AQUA.


Hot Tub Safety Tips: The Child You Save May Be Your Own