Silk Balance water care

Are you ready to take the easy way out on water care? Try SilkBalance

August 25, 2018

August 24, 2018 – One thing is absolutely true without a doubt: hot tubbers love soaking in their hot tub as often as they can! Another thing that tends to be absolutely true about hot tubbers: they don’t tend to be in love with water care maintenance. (I mean, just the word “maintenance” can make some folks cringe!)

If you’re one of those folks who has hung on to old school water care testing and balancing, you could experience water care freedom by switching to SilkBalance.

Time certainly flies! It’s hard to believe it’s already been ten years since we became the exclusive dealer for SilkBalance in the greater Puget Sound area. I remember well being shown the product at the trade show back in December 2007. My initial thoughts were, “This stuff can’t work!” It’s one of those times in my career at Olympic I was glad I was wrong!

SilkBalance is a proprietary water care product designed to do a number of things for you:

  • Help keep your water balanced. Once you balance your water when you fill your tub with a fresh fill, you can then add SilkBalance to the tub weekly. No testing, no messing around with pH balancers or alkalinity.
  • Helps soften your skin! This is one of the benefits our customers seem to love even more. Plenty of folks have sensitivity to hot water and chemicals that impact their skin. This product was specifically designed to combat that sensitivity. We’ve had customers with psoriasis and other skin conditions return to regular soaking in their tubs thanks to the switch to SilkBalance. When you soak, you’ll find that your skin doesn’t experience the dryness often felt after a hot tub soak. Your skin stays soft and supple. Dermatologists have tested SilkBalance for skin safety and it’s been given the green light.
  • Helps protect the inner workings of your tub. SilkBalance can’t eliminate biofilm, but it does have the ability to help curb biofilm from attaching itself to the plumbing lines and parts of your tub that you’ll never be able to reach to clean. Preventing buildup in these areas—while not a key reason to use SilkBalance—is certainly a positive side effect of using it.
  • Keeps your tub smelling fresh. Because biofilm can’t easily reside in these out-of-reach areas, it also prevents it from causing unpleasant odors in your tub. You’ll find your water smells fresher longer.

Ultimately, SilkBalance will help your water look better, feel better, smell better and give you some water care freedom.

If you haven’t considered SilkBalance yet, check it out! We’ve got thousands of customers out there that love SilkBalance and would never go back. Maybe it’s your time to ditch dinosaur water care and switch to SilkBalance!