AquaNotes Waterproof Pad Perfect For Capturing Hot Tub Ideas

February 7, 2013
Handy waterproof pad and underwater pencil.
Handy waterproof pad and underwater pencil.

We all know that soaking in your Hot Spring Spa encourages musings and the “A-Ha” moments. Things like what to get your spouse for Valentine’s Day, what to make for dinner, how to beat the stock market. We’ve all had these thoughts bubble up from our sub-conscious as we’ve soaked.

But, how to remember capture these gems of insight? We all know the frustration of having an incredible idea hit you in the hot tub only to have it slip away before you get a chance to write it down. We’ve had more than one frustrated hot tubber complain that paper got soggy & using a table or iphone for jotting notes risked disaster for the electronics.

Now you can jot down those ideas instantly, right in your hot tub, with the AquaNotes® Waterproof Notepad.

The waterproof pad features 40 perforated sheets so you can take your ideas, lists, and plans for fixing the government wherever you go.

If you’d rather challenge your brain than wait for ideas to bubble up, consider the AquaNotes line of puzzle pads. Soak body. Build brain. Everyone loves to solve puzzles! These waterproof puzzle pads are guaranteed to provide healthy brain building fun for young and old alike.

Stick the AquaNotes Waterproof Notepad right on the on the edge of your hot tub. There’s even a pencil is provided that will write underwater.

Made in the USA of non-toxic and recyclable waterproof paper. Available from AquaNotes.

With Aqua Notes you’ll never lose that million-dollar hot tub idea again.


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