April 3, 2009

We were bobbing (lollying really) in our Hot Spring Spa last night and enjoyed having SilkBalance in the water. The water really does feel different and I no longer have dry skin. What a relief!

I was feeling depressed by the weather. It has been high 45 degrees and rain for weeks, months. My husband didn’t say a word during my grousing and observed the crankiness for what it was temporary. Soon after we got in the tub-you know how the water and jets just grab you and change your mood?-I was fine again. I appreciate him so much and know I don’t need a month to remind me!

But, I love zany holidays so thought I’d share.  Even if it is not your significant other’s birthday, anniversary, or some zany holiday they made up, you could still recognize April 1-30th as Couple Appreciation Month. Use this time during the month of April to show thanks for each other’s love and emotional support.  It’s a  time to remember to reinforce and celebrate your relationship.

Let your loved one know just how special and appreciated they are and how much you value them this month.   Making the time to talk in the hot tub is always a terrific way to renew your connection to each other. And the gift of SilkBalance available online from Olympic Hot Tub for your hot tub would be really appreciated.

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.