woman blocking ears because of noise

A Hot Spring Spa—Where Silence is Golden

June 20, 2018

June 20, 2018 – Do you ever just find yourself going through the paces of your day-to-day life with no peace and quiet? The way our world functions today, you’d think there’s never a place or time where you can just find a little bit of silence. A place where you can just disconnect and be one with yourself.

Well, we at Olympic know there IS indeed a place where you can find that silence for yourself: In your Hot Spring Spa. But, did you realize that a Hot Spring will provide silence when other hot tubs deny it?

Years ago, in Seattle, Alice, one of our Olympic founders, stumbled upon an amazing factoid that stunned us: One of the top complaints to the city was about hot tub noise from their neighbor’s tub!! Not the noise from jets running during soaking, or a hot tub party—it was the noise the hot tub generated in the dead of night when it was going through its scheduled heating or cleaning cycles.

I’ll never forget the day a customer came into the showroom to look at our line of tubs, and she seemed to be obsessed with making sure they were completely silent when not in use. I did my very best to assuage her fears, but she seemed so focused on this one topic, it prompted me to query her on her distraction with it. She then confessed to me that her neighbor’s tub was keeping her up so much at night from its noise that she was trying to come up with a solution to convince her neighbor to get rid of his current tub. Can you imagine being so undone by your neighbor’s hot tub noise and it causing you such unrest that you actively sought out a way to replace it for them??

To this very day, I’m thrilled to report that a Hot Spring Spa is, as Alice coined the phrase way back then, the good neighbor tub. Hot Spring engineered their tubs to clean and heat continuously 24 hours a day with a separate pump that not only was totally silent, it also drew less power than a 40-watt light bulb to do its job! It’s called—to state the obvious—the SilentFlo 5000. And, unlike other brands of tubs that try to mimic its use in their models, Hot Spring integrates this wonder pump to circulate ALL the water in the tub when not in use, thereby avoiding the noisy heating and cleaning cycles my poor customer was so undone by years ago.

If you’re in the market for a hot tub, don’t forget one of the most important rules from days gone by: Silence is Golden. A hot tub soak before bed in a Hot Spring Spa sets you up for a restful night’s sleep; its smart thoughtful design makes sure the tub won’t disturb your (or your neighbor’s) slumber through the night!

Another way owning a Hot Spring Spa is pure bliss.