A Dream Come True: Mother Finds That Freeflow Spa Helps Daughter with Cerebral Palsy

August 7, 2012

I think you’ll agree that the following is a touching story.  And, emails like this one from an Olympic Hot Tub owner are why I’m in the hot tub business! Who wouldn’t want to hear great news like the following:

To Val Miller (Saleswoman in Olympic’s Seattle store) and the entire Olympic Hot Tub Staff

I want to thank Olympic Hot Tub for their exceptional customer service! It’s been one year since I purchased my Freeflow hot tub from their store.

I purchased this hot tub for my teenage daughter who is confined to a wheelchair with spastic cerebral palsy, which causes her muscles to be tight and painful. Due to her limited movement capabilities, she also has very poor circulation in her lower extremities.

She loves the freedom of being in the water, so I would take her to the local YMCA to swim.  Unfortunately the public heated pools are not warm enough for her, as she has difficulty regulating her body temperature.  Not to mention the chemical levels were very harsh for even myself.

For many years I’ve dreamed of being able to provide her with some sort of water therapy at home.  Being a single mom in college, I didn’t see that happening anytime soon. Nonetheless, I saved what I could and with the summer approaching I knew I had to get her something.

I did my research and found the Freeflow spa.  I currently rent my home and this spa is portable, weighing about 300lbs, and all had all the features I was looking for.  Meaning it is easy and economical to care for as well.

Still, I was finding myself short in being able to afford a large enough one for my daughter. I found online that Olympic Hot Tub was a local dealer of these tubs and was put in contact with Val Miller.  She was awesome!  She found me a model that met all of our needs, at a price that I could afford! She was honest and straightforward in answering all of my questions and I never once felt pressured.  I felt completely confident in my purchase and the entire transaction was done entirely by phone and email!

Olympic even referred me to a great electrician to install all my electrical components and I cannot say enough about the delivery crew. You don’t have to be home when you have a scheduled service call! To this crew, their customers are #1.

You’ve helped me improve the quality of life for someone very special to me.  For that, my daughter and myself thank you!

Tamera and Hannah, Shoreline, WA

Happy owners of a Freeflow Emerald model spa.

Tamera wanted me to share her story about her Freeflow spa purchase and how much it has helped Hannah.  Thank you so much, Tamera, for writing.  I am so happy to hear that the Freeflow Emerald has worked out for you both.

If you’re looking for a budget friendly spa that’ easy to install and requires minimal care, follow Tamera’s lead and check out a Freeflow! 

 SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.


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