7 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy a Hot Tub At A Home Show

February 20, 2014

Soak. Don’t Get Soaked.

There’s no place at home shows for a hot tub purchase.

If you’re looking for a hot tub at a home show, you’ve gone to the wrong place. You’re looking for quality, comfort, selection, value, service, and relaxation in a spa. You won’t find that among the ginzu knives and kitchen gadgets. Consider:

1. Quality. The best tubs aren’t there. You’ll find the highest ranked, best selling hot tub in the world, Hot Spring Spas ,at Olympic Hot Tub, not mixed in with the fireplace inserts and Vitamix blenders. Free in-home hot tub consultation by Olympic Hot Tub

2. Comfort. You need a test soak to make sure the tub fits you. That’s not going to happen at the home show. Olympic offers test soaks on every model.

3. Selection. The salesperson will try to sell you what’s on the floor for a quick commission, and if you want, say, a different color it could take months to deliver – if you get it at all. Olympic has every model we sell in stock ready for quick, FREE, full-service delivery.

4. Value. Don’t buy the “only for you, only today” line, or the “50 percent off” that’s probably the regular price plus the cost of the home show booth.

5. Service. The home show moves on next week, and so does your hot tub seller. Who installs your purchase? Who services it in the future?

6. Relaxation. A hot tub is a long-term investment, not an impulse buy. You should make your decision at home, not at a home show. Olympic Hot Tub will schedule a FREE consultation in your own back yard.

7. Peace of Mind. Even extra strength Tylenol® won’t cure the hot tub headache you’ll get at a home show listening to conflicting stories from every seller. Put your trust in a company that’s been around for 37 years with a track record of referrals, repeat buyers and happy customers. No other hot tub company will offer you the guarantees we give you in our exclusive Peace of Mind Guarantee.  

Still interested in a home show hot tub? Try out these questions on that high-pressure salesperson:

1.  Do you have a showroom in my area where I can test soak the models I’m interested in?

2.  How long have you been in business? How long has the manufacturer been in business?

3.  Can you provide references and reviews about your hot tubs?

4.   Do you have energy cost estimates, certified by an independent lab, for a 4-6-person hot tub used in our area four-five times a week for 30 minutes at a time?

5.   What options do you have for water care that are chlorine and bromine free?

6.   What about delivery? Is it driveway drop-off or full service to the exact spot where I want it?

7.   Do you do your own service or contract with a third party?

8.   Can you give a copy of the warranty for this hot tub?

9.   What’s your cancellation policy? Can I get a refund of my deposit if I change mind?

When you’re finished, come to an Olympic Hot Tub showroom for a free test soak, free backyard consultation, and pressure-free information about Hot Spring Spas, the world’s #1 selling hot tub. You won’t find that at any home show. See you soon!

Relax for Life™


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