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The Sun’s Finally Here! You Need a SpaUmbrella

With all of this sunny weather, it’s hard to consider hot tub soaking in full sunlight. Sure you can wait until dark, but why miss the chance to soak in your Hot Spring Spa anytime? If your hot tub is in full sun (lucky you), take a look at our SpaUmbrella with it’s huge 9-foot … Read More

View the Full Moon Tonight From Your Hot Tub!

Take advantage of the clear skies and full moon-soaking in your Hot Spring Spa tonight will be a rare treat. The full moon on the 25th of July is called the Buck Moon by Native Americans of the Great Lakes and New England. The name comes from this time of year when new antlers of … Read More

Hot Tub Blog Celebrates Two Years of Hot Tub Bliss

It’s hard to believe it’s been two years of blogging about hot tubs and hot tubbing here on Hot Tub Bliss. Thanks for all of your comments, suggestions, and encouragement. I’ve enjoyed writing about all things “hot tub” including health, lifestyle, water care and Hot Spring Spas. The largest response to any post? “More on … Read More

Impossible Hot Tub Delivery? Not with a Careful Crew and a Crane!!

Here’s the story of an “impossible hot tub delivery” from a happy Olympic Hot Tub Company customer: Our new hot tub was delivered this morning and our old one was taken away.  Because of the difficult logistics of getting tubs in and out of their little nook in our backyard, I thought I should photograph … Read More

Hot Tub Outdoors For Mental Health and Stress Relief

Take time for a hot tub break outdoors. The mental health benefits may surprise you. Dr. Jules Pretty, at the Center for Environment and Society in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Essex, in England makes a strong case for “being in nature”. “Irrespective of where we come from in the world, … Read More

Hot Tub Soaking Lowers Blood Pressure

Ready for a short lesson in human physiology? As you immerse yourself  in your Hot Spring Spa, your body’s first reaction is to try and stabilize your temperature by pumping the heart faster to bring additional blood to the surface where it would normally disperse heat into the air. This increased blood flow means an … Read More

July 14th Is National Nude Day!

National Nude Day is today July 14th. As a hot tub lover, you may love hot tub soaking in the nude, but not want to show it all when not heading for the water.  Right? But National Nude Day is one kind of  celebration  for how to keep cool on a hot , sticky summer … Read More

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