Nude Or Not Nude?

Hot Tub and Spa Owner’s Corner

Nude or Not Nude? – You Decide

Olympic Hot Tub Company has been asking the question: “ Nude or Not Nude?” since 1982. We ask our customers whether they enjoy their Hot tubbing experience up close and personal or whether modesty prevails.

The 1982 survey results had 94% responding that they went nude.
Modesty or discretion swept our soakers through the Reagan years and only 64% voted emphatically nude, 17% voted suits and 19% voted yes for suits and no for bare depending on the situation, lighting and company! Results were similar in our 1999 survey as modesty continued to prevail.

The point is, it always feels great, nude or not nude – whichever you decide!

Now enjoy our owners’ verses on the subject !
Thank you, Hot Spring Spa owners

To the hot tub we go
wearing God only knows.
If we choose to be bare,
we hope that no one is there.
Under the stars we gazed
with our cover raised.
A lot of fun we have.
Aren’t we brave?
— J.L., Eatonville, WA

When we goeses in our hot tub,
we don’t wear no clotheses.
We like to go naked from our
head to our toeses.
We likes the hot water.
We likes the fresh air and
no one can see us so there’s
no one to scare!
— Anonymous Nude, Port Orchard, WA

You ask “Do you or don’t you wear a suit?”
Since it won’t earn you any loot,
Why do you really give a hoot?
Does it really matter,
Or are you just looking for hot tub chatter?
You also ask, “Do you or don’t you cover up”
In daylight or dark, at home or in the park,
It makes no difference.
So I’ll conclude by saying (and hopefully you’ll be paying)
“I’m not a prude, I always hot tub in the nude”
But… rhetoric and doggerel aside, its covering up I deride,
soaking in my Olympic Hot Tub.
— E.L., Mulkiltio, WA

Darkness signals the start of a brand nude day
— Seattle, WA

“It’s my hot tub and I’ll go nude if I want to…”
— A.G., Seattle, WA

We have been married nearly 37 years.
We have had our hot tub for the past 4 months.
During that time, I have seen my wife naked more often than in all the previous time.
There is a lesson to be learned here.
I just wish I could remember what it is.
— Olympia, WA

Sunburns are red,
Seawater is blue.
If your wear a suit,
Our hot tub’s not for you!!

We have had a hot tub of one kind or another since 1971 and no suits have passed thru our hot tub!!! (Except the one time in 1971 when a modest man did and the soap suds removed from his suit when the jets were on filled half the backyard!!)
— B.T., Ocean Shores, WA

When we first got our spa, we wore suits by all means.
It was the proper thing to do; besides, we were out in the open.
Sometimes, when it was dark and we knew the neighbors were not home,
we would sneak out to the Spa with nothing on.
Those were glorious times.
Then, we put up the gazebo, and a fence on one side toward the neighbors.
That is when we became a little braver and would venture out in the nude.
It felt so wonderful, freeing, and much less expensive.
Wonderful because the feeling of the water on the body
with jets enveloping the body was a real experience.
It was freeing because there were no restrictions, or inhibitions.
Best of all, we didn’t have to waste money on suits that deteriorated very quickly.
We have had our Spa for three years now and wouldn’t dream of ever wearing a suit again..
— B., Vashon, WA

Suits in our spa? Yeah, right!
We tell our guests that they are free to do whatever they want so long
as they don’t mind seeing other people naked.
Of the 21 differed people who have spa’ed with us,
not a one has ever gone the suit route.
I guess we just have intelligent friends.
— D.P., Seattle, WA

There once was a Marysville coupe
Who’d soak leisurely in their Olympic Hot Tub nude.
It would be dark in the night
So the neighbors wouldn’t have a fright,
and the comforting hot water their tensions would soothe.
— C.B., Marysville, WA

Dip in the hot tub in barren splendor.
It unmistakably reveals your gender,
But there’s nothing lewd
About being nude.
(Unless you’re in the mood?)
— Anonymous, Friday Harbor, WA

As we got older
We got bolder
AND found that hot tubbing in the nude
Soon really puts us in the mood.
— Anonymous

When slipping into our Sovereign suds,
We go au-natural and shed our duds.
Ahhh… the freedom, the tingling sensation…
Lift’s one’s spirit to a swirling elation
Whether it be daytime or night.
Nude in the hot tub is a sheer delight
Neighbors or guests… what do we do?
We give them The option to be nude too!
Why be modest? Why be shy?
Nude soaking is natural… give it a try!
— J. and M.C., North Bend, WA

I hot tub nude.
It isn’t crude.
Or rude.
But is it lewd?….Depends on my mood.

Dip in the hot tub in barren splendor.
It unmistakably reveals your gender.
But there’s nothing lewd
About being nude.

I’m no prude.
I hot tub nude.
It isn’t crude.
Or rude.
Or lewd.
— Anonymous, Friday Harbor, WA

When my spouse and I entered the hot tub nude,
our teenage children were horrified…
“you can’t do that with our friends,” they said.
When we told them that was what we had done in the past,
they asked that we not embarrass them.
So… when children aren’t around, we go nude.
When they are around, suits.
— D.C., Bothell, WA

Don’t be a prude,
Tub in the nude.
It isn’t rude,
Some think it’s lewd.
You can’t be sued,
you may be viewed…
As one cool dude,
Improve your mood
Get attitude.
Tub in the nude.

X-rated version:
Don’t be a prude,
Tub in the nude.
It isn’t rude,
Some think it’s lewd.
You can’t be sued…
As one cool dude,
Improve your mood
Get attitude.
Tub in the nude.
You might get screwed!
— J.F., Puyallup, WA

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