July 8, 2009

This being National Naturists Week, I couldn’t resist writing about the conundrum facing hot tub users: suits or no suits.  The naturists say it’s the week to go skinny dipping at the beach, pool or hot tub, but I doubt if they’ll get many converts beyond the hot tub and on a dark night at that.

Olympic Hot Tub Company has been asking the question: ” Nude or Not Nude? ” since 1982.  We asked our entire customer base if they enjoyed their hot tub soaking experience up close and personal or did modesty prevail? The 1982 survey results had 94% responding that they went nude.

Modesty or discretion swept our soakers through the Regan years and only 64% voted emphatically: nude, 17% voted suits and 19% voted yes for suits and no for bare depending on the situation, lighting and company! Results were similar in our 1999 survey as modesty continued to creep up in popularity. So where are we now? It’s time for a new survey!!

The point is, it always feels great, nude or not nude whichever you decide! Not surprisingly we received many poems, jingles and short stories from fans of the unclothed “look”, but none from bathing suit wearers. The nude bathing fans were far more vociferous in their “right” to go nude.

Here are a few poems that celebrate each author’s opinion:

Our Hot Spring Spa is so accustomed
To bodies heartily and merrily welcomed,
We would not, could not, dare to think,
Of dipping blithely into the drink,
With bodies clad in beach attire,
Festooned with elastic and under wire.
The wondrous tingle of oscillating jet,

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Of air and water warmly met,
By aching muscle and tired skin,
Should have no barrier to greet within
The confines of this glorious space
Where care and worries melt with grace.
So, to your query, our answer clever-
Do we wear suits?


Hot tubbing with suits is both boring and square,
What good does it serve being covered down there?
If done in the buff-stripped naked and nude,
The calming effect is so comfy and dude.
Under the stars, secluded in dark
Au Natural yields marital spark.
Small, tall or short; lean, mean or chub,
Alfresco is best in an Olympic Hot Tub!

Yes, I do wear a suit in our hot tub. For quite a number of years it wore very well and was most comfortable. My husband made a few comments about it lately saying, “You should possibly invest in a new suit since yours seems to be getting a little wrinkled and baggy!” I told him to put his glasses on next time we go in the hot tub and he might decide that I should save the money and continue to wear that old faithful “Birthday Suit.” Believe me-I’d never find another one like it in 100 years! I think he now agrees!!

Yes and No as you may guess
Depending upon who’s our guest.
It’s suits for family and friends ta boot
Cause we’re not pretty without our suits.
And besides the tree house in the neighbor’s yard
Tends to keep us a bit on guard.
But I’ll confess when it’s real late
And the stars are shining so,
A skinny dip in my Hot Spring Spa
Is my favorite way to go.

RES EST SERVA VOLUPTAS. Pleasure is serious business.