Where to Put Your Hot Tub? 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Spot

December 20, 2012

December 20, 2012

Location, Location, Relaxation

You in the hot tub, the hot tub in the perfect spot= true bliss.

Yes, I know it’s winter.

After winter comes spring. Many people are starting to dream of spring projects.

Take advantage of the cold weather when you don’t do much outside but dream of warmer days & plan the perfect spot for your hot tub.

Placing your hot tub in the right spot can enhance your enjoyment for years.  Many factors can make a difference – access to changing rooms, effect on nearby carpet, privacy, landscaping, and the view from the tub. Here are some issues to consider, including some tips from the Association of Spa and Pool Professionals, especially for outdoor hot tubs.


You want the hot tub as close to the back door as possible so you’re steps away from a warm soak.  Think it might look better at the back of your yard? Maybe. But on cold, rainy nights you’ll be glad your hot tub is near the nearest door. You’ll also want it convenient to a bathroom for drying and changing. You’ll also need a spigot within reach and a hose bib for filling.


If you expect to use the tub mostly for adult relaxation, you might choose a more secluded spot in the back yard. If it’s for family gatherings, put it closer to the gathering spot.


Consider the scene from the hot tub as well as the aesthetic enhancement the tub brings to your yard. Make sure you’re not under any tree limbs. If you’re running electricity from your house, consider adding some outdoor lighting and music. Add landscaping, such as trees, shrubs, flowers, arbors, planters, potted plants, hanging baskets, and water features such as waterfalls and fountains can elevate the relaxing ambiance.Free in-home hot tub consultation by Olympic Hot Tub


Put your tub on a firm foundation, whether a deck or patio with a cement pad, concrete pavers, brick or a new SmartDeck pre-fab alternative. If you’re building a new deck or patio, pick the spa first so you can integrate it with the design. The tub can be mounted freestanding (with no hole in the decking), flush with the deck surface, or partly exposed.


Patio coverings can enhance privacy with post-and-lattice designs in a wide choice of woods, sealants, stains or paints, perhaps with flowering or fragrant vines growing on the lattice. For an even cozier getaway, consider a decorative gazebo, maybe with sliding windows, pitched roofs or combination roofs like the ones made by Sequoia Spa Shelters-an Olympic Hot Tub exclusive.

Pick the most pleasant spot you can find to fulfill your dreams for your hot tub. Then relax.

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