Free Backyard Hot Tub Consultation

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Free Backyard Consultation

We offer a FREE visit to your backyard to insure that your new hot tub or swim spa matches your ideal vision.

Schedule a look at your convenience. One of our team members will make recommendations for placement, advise on other things to consider and make sure delivery is a breeze.



  • Help you select the perfect spot for your tub or swim spa
  • Recommend top contractors, landscape designers and electricians to match your wishes, needs and budget
  • Make sure everything has absolutely accurate measurements


  • Recommend best placement for ideal access and your view or landscape
  • Ensure accessibility to equipment bay, drains, etc.
  • Explain electrical requirements


  • Help plan the tub or swim spa’s safe trip from driveway to yard
  • Check for steps, slopes, sharp corners and hairpin turns
  • Check for overhang clearance under eaves, light fixtures, etc.
  • Troubleshoot challenges & tight spots – we’ve done it before!

Did we mention FREE? With a backyard consultation by an Olympic expert, you can relax. Isn’t that why you’re buying from Olympic anyway?


Free Hot Tub Consult


Free Swim Spa Consult

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