woman standing outside HotSpring Limelight

Welcome to the Wellness Generation™…what does it mean?

March 27, 2018

March 27, 2018 – Olympic Hot Tub has been an advocate for health and wellness for over 40 years. Alice & Blair, our founders, believed in the ability of hot water to do nothing but good things for all of us. And you know what? They were right! In fact, long before many of the folks in the hot tub industry looked deeper than hot tubs as a “good time” and started delving into the benefits of hot water, Olympic was already educating our customers on the power of a nightly hot tub soak.

Last year, I wanted to make a more public company statement to that effect. That’s when our Welcome to the Wellness Generation mantra came into being.

A couple months ago, one of our customers who recently purchased his second Hot Spring Spa sought me out in my office to tell me how much hot tubbing had changed his life. After he left, I realized that he, more than me, could absolutely help others realize the terrific thing that is hot tubbing for a healthier life. I asked our Sales Manager to reach back out to him and see if he would share part of his story with others, and he immediately said “Yes!” I share with you now Jon’s words. My hope is to periodically offer up testament from our nearly 40,000 customers who are part of Olympic’s Wellness Generation.

I’m writing this email to share my high level of customer satisfaction, along with my appreciation for my Hot Spring Prodigy Spa.

I purchased my first Hot Spring Spa in August 2003. Even though I purchased it used from the original owner, I began purchasing chemicals, covers and service from Olympic Hot Tub. In November of 2016 I decided to purchase a new Hot Spring Spa from the Seattle store. I gave my old tub to my daughter and son-in-law who love the 18-year old spa.

Since being a dedicated tubber for nearly 15 years I couldn’t live without my spa. The health benefits from hydrotherapy are truly important to me as I age and aim to stay flexible. I begin my day with an early morning soak to help loosen my joints and stretch muscle groups.

The peace and solitude from soaking daily enhances how I navigate through my day. Relieving stress, sweating toxins and lowering my blood pressure are just a few of the health benefits I experienced in becoming mindful of my body. Just soaking in the warm water without the jets and gazing into the sky has a profound and calming effect on my body and mind. 

Regards—Jon S, Seattle

I appreciate Jon’s willingness to share his experience with others. I feel like these missives, more than anything aptly describe what being part of Olympic’s Wellness Generation is!

If you’re an Olympic Hot Tub customer who has a compelling story to share about how hot tubbing has helped you stay healthy and changed your life, please share them with me! I’d love to let others know from YOU what a difference a soak in a Hot Spring Spa has made.