Want to Heat Up Your Relationship? Get A Hot Tub!

May 30, 2013

The couple that hot tubs together stays togetherRefreshing Relationships.   The couple that tubs together….

Many Olympic Hot Tub hot tub buyers have figured out how to connect regularly amid a busy, stressful life.

How do they do it? By making time for each other and that gets a lot easier when that time is in a wet, warm relaxing hot tub.

It’s multitasking without the tasking – you each get the health benefits, emotional balm and soothing relaxation of the soak, and your relationship reaps the benefits. The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals just issued a press release highlighting the ways that smart couples have figured out how to stay connected.

Here are 3 main ways that tubbing together  strengthens your relationship:

  • Alone Together with No distractions.

The walls of the hot tub don’t just hold water – they surround you and your partner with a well-defined “in here” safe from “out there.” The cellphones, the laptops, the annoying people, the to-do lists are all somewhere “out there” across the lawn, and the two of you are alone together “in here.” So relax and remember what you love about being together.

  • A Place to Chill.

You know the hot tub helps your tense muscles relax. Your body feels better after a soothing soak. The same thing happens to your mind and your emotions. Worries and tension can float away, providing a calm space for just being with your partner.

  • Away from it all.

You could spend hundreds or thousands of dollars, pack suitcases and travel to distant resorts in order to escape distractions and reduce stress. Or you could leave a note for your partner to meet you in the hot tub after work, and get the same effect with a walk across the yard. What happens next is up to you…..

Pleasure is serious business or as the Romans said it RES EST SEVERA VOLUPTAS


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