July 10, 2009


Hello One and All,
Just wanted to let you know we used the SilkBalance for the first time March 6th.  What an AWESOME product for the spa and our skin. Over the past several months, my skin would break out every time I would use the spa. Using SilkBalance tonight my skin did not break out or itch. What a relief as I was about to give up using our spa because of this skin problem. Last week I went to my doctor and he gave me a prescription that cleared up my skin and tonight was the ultimate test. SilkBalance passed with a perfect 10.
Even Dean said he could tell his skin felt moister when he got out. The picture is of him in the hot tub tonight with a bright moon and two thumbs up for SilkBalance. Thank you for choosing this product for your customers. Y’all Rock and SilkBalance is AWESOME.
Happy Customers,
Mary Louise and Dean
Onalaska, WA


What a great letter.  There are thousands of hot tub owners who found they couldn’t soak because of dry skin and know have found that they can use the tub again for the relaxation they need. Mary Louise and Dean aren’t the only Hot Spring Spa owners who’ve made the switch to SilkBalance. We’re selling more and more bottles every day to owners across the country.  If you’re not using SilkBalance in your hot tub, you’re trying to maintain your hot tub water the hard way.  You can have crystal clear, clean water AND soft skin with no mixing or testing by adding 4 oz of SilkBalance once a week and a small amount of sanitizer. You don’t need to soak in a vat of chemicals any longer! What are you waiting for?? Natural water care for your spa or hot tub is here.   To switch to SilkBalance you’ll need a one-time purge of the plumbing lines in your hot tub and a hot tub with 24 hour circulation. Details on our e-store.

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.