Unbelievable: Hot Tub Cleaner Restores Surface to Like-New!

July 3, 2012

The SSS Merlin Eraser Sponge is the best spa/hot tub cleaner we’ve ever found.

It restores spa surfaces to “looks like” new again. Takes the gunk, calcium and iron deposits off of  your hot tub tile line. What could be better?

Yes, it looks like a Velveta sandwich on white bread without the crusts, but don’t dismiss it because of it’s looks.

The Merlin Eraser Sponge is chemical-free and only requires water to remove tough dirt, grime, stains, pencil, marker and crayon from surfaces such as; walls, appliances, bathroom fixtures, office equipment, patio furniture, work surfaces and car interiors/exteriors.  It works best on hard, smooth surfaces like the tile line of your hot tub.

Stock up and keep one at the office, in all bathrooms, cars and in your hot tub water care product box. Our Olympic Valet team swears by it!  They use the Merlin Eraser Sponge to make hot tubs look like new. Every hot tub refurbished for our warehouse sale several weeks ago came in looking like a wreck, but each brought to like-new by using this magic sponge.

You’d think it had all sorts of terrible chemicals in order to work this well.

But, no! It’s earth-friendly, too.  The  SSS Merlin Eraser Sponge has an EarthCare™ seal.

What is EarthCareTM?
Caring for the environment and providing a healthy workplace are demanding tasks that offer unquestionable long term benefits. Determining what is truly “environmentally friendly” or “green” has been a confusing process. Having a recognized standard for “green” improves our ability to make purchasing decisions that help create a healthy environment for all. When you see the Triple S EarthCare seal, you’ll know that a product meets “green” standards from a recognized organization (such as Green Seal, USGBC or the EPA) or the product offers significant features that contribute to a healthy environment.

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.


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