Top 10 Most Popular Posts on Hot Tub Bliss

January 7, 2011


Top 10 winner

Drum roll, please! Here they are the top 10 most popular posts on Hot Tub Bliss in 2011.

1. Water chemistry is  ever the mysterious art for many hot tub owners. That’s why the #1 post was: “Bubbles, Yes, But No Foam in the Hot Tub, Please!” from July 26, 2008.

2. That really cold weather snap over Thanksgiving and Christmas sent many hot tubbers to “Hot Tubs and Cold Weather: Top 6 Things To Do Before You Soak” from November 23, 2010 for tips on hot tub soaking in the cold.

3) Bathing suits are of constant concern which is why “SilkBalance Natural Water Care for Hot Tubs and Spas Easy to Use and Doesn’t Damage My Bathing Suit!” from September 3, 2010 was in the top 10.

4. Entertainment in the sauna must be a big deal. Without music or TV in a sauna, sitting there can be really boring. Our readers found “What To Do in The Sauna: Give Your Partner a Hand Reflexology Massage” from November 9, 2009 a way to stay in the sauna and have fun at the same time.

5) Dr. Oz remains a respected authority on all things medical. My post “Dr Oz Raves About Infrared Saunas on Oprah’s Show” from March 25, 2009 received many readers interested in finding out what’s so hot about infrared saunas.

6) Skin care and hot tub soaking is a huge topic. What to do about eczema and dry skin after hot tub soaking drove readers to:  “Want To Eliminate Dry, Itchy Skin After Hot Tub Soaking? Here’s How!” from March 9th of last year as I posted about SilkBalance-natural water care for spas and hot tubs.

7) Weight loss is always a perennial favorite.Lose Weight While You Sleep-Soak in Your Hot Tub Before Bed!” from March 9, 2009 drew many readers.

8) What to do and how to do it the socially correct way landed “Hot Tub Etiquette All of the Dos and Don’ts for Hot Tub Entertaining” from August 26, 2009 landed in the number 8 spot.

9) Affordable and energy efficiency are always key words for buyers searching for hot tubs. That’s why “Looking for an Affordable, Energy Efficient Spa That Plugs Into a Standard Wall Outlet?” my post on our new line of FreeFlow Spas from October 1, 2010 made the top ten list.

10) ” Hot Tub Salesman with Eczema Couldn’t Soak Until He Used SilkBalance!” drew many eyeballs. Olympic Hot Tub Company salesman, Brandon Jones, told his own skin misery story on December 13, 2010 which ended happily when we switched to SilkBalance in our showroom hot tubs.

That’s the line up for the most popular posts from Hot Tub Bliss in 2010. Have a hot hot tub or burning sauna question ? Send it in.  If I don’t know the answer, I’ll search ’til I find it!

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.

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