Tired, Aching Feet? End Foot Pain With These Easy Hot Tub Exercises

July 27, 2017

July 27, 2017 –     How often do you exercise your feet? No, we’re not talking about walking. In fact, that’s the reason to show your feet some extra love. And if you’re on your feet all day long, or your lifestyle requires a lot of walking, they’ll need it.

Ready to begin? Be forwarned. Once you start, you won’t want to stop. Exercising your feet feels that good. And when you strengthen your feet, it improves your balance and reduces the risk of injury.

With a few simple techniques, and a little help from your Hot Spring Spa, you can get a leg up on rejuvenating your tired, aching tootsies.

Here are three easy foot exercises you can try the next time you take a soak in your hot tub

Pick up a sock or a golf ball. Take a seat in your hot tub and put a sock or golf ball in front of you, in the bottom of the tub. Clench either with your toes, and pick it up. Hold it for ten seconds, and drop it. Do this three to five times with each foot.

Write with your feet.  After you’ve finished clenching, lifting, and dropping, write the alphabet in the water using your big toe to form the letters. You only need to pick your foot up just a few inches from the bottom of your hot tub. This will do wonders for your ankles as well. Alternate feet and do several repetitions with each. For fun try writing in print and cursive.

Now it’s time for some hands on feet. Using your thumb, rub the centers of both feet just below the ball. Not only does it feel sublime, it will also give you a burst of energy. Why? Because it’s an acupressure point called the Bubbling Spring. Use this technique on each foot for 30-seconds, and both you and your feet will love it!

How much fun and relaxation can you have in a hot tub? Plenty! Add these easy foot exercises to your repertoire and find out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!