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Thinking of moving your tub to a new home? Here are some things to think about!

August 16, 2019

house for saleAugust 16, 2019 – It seems like just about no one stays in one place for long anymore! I sold my house after 13 years last spring, and sometimes I’d get this shocked look when people hear how long I’d been there. Now, I’m biding my time in an apartment until the prime chance to buy something again in the neighborhood I’d like to live…that’s not easy after being a homeowner for so many years!

We’ve received a number of calls lately with folks inquiring about moving their current hot tub to a new home. I actually just emailed back and forth with a customer who shared that they’re finally going to replace their 1999 Hot Spring Sovereign with a new tub. They had moved that Sovereign five times to multiple states!

If you do decide you’d like to move your tub to a new home, here are some things you should think about or do in preparation.

  • Make sure your new home has a space the right size for your tub, with the right foundation. And, make sure there is room in the electrical box required to run your tub at your new abode.
  • If your tub uses a sub panel, the breakers inside them are not cheap. If possible, get an electrician to remove the sub panel and safely cap the wires so you can take it with you. It will save you some cash. If your tub is one of our Hot Spring Spas that only require a dedicated 110V outlet, you can easily purchase the water-tight receptacle the electrician would need to wire for you at the new home. You can contact our Service & Outlet Center to order the right one and get it sent to you.
  • Do NOT ever count on an electrician knowing exactly how to wire your hot tub. Hot Spring Spas are wired just differently enough that an electrician can place one wire on one wrong jumper and your tub will not run. After a move, the last thing you need to think is that your tub may now be inoperable! Contact us or your nearest Hot Spring dealer. We can get you the pre-delivery booklet for your tub’s model year. You can provide it to your electrician and set them up for success.
  • Be sure to contact your hot tub company to notify them you’re moving. If you’re moving within their area, give them your new address so we know where to come for your next service visit when needed. If moving out of the area, a good dealer can help you locate the dealer you should contact when you arrive to help you out with your tub.
  • Moving companies look at a hot tub like something similar to a piano to move. Make sure they take a look at it when they come to give you a quote and drill them on how they will pack it. In general, tubs should never be moved with the equipment side down. It should always be the side up when moved.
  • Some hot tub companies (like Olympic) use a delivery service to deliver tubs. These folks do it for us a thousand times a year and know the best way to get a hot tub moved from point A to point B! Call your hot tub company for a reference to relocate your tub. It might be a bit more cost, but so well worth it. (By the way: Make sure you LOOK to make sure there’s an open easy path at the new home to deliver the hot tub!)
  • When you’re ready to move your tub, be sure it is thoroughly drained. Use a wet vac to get all the extra water out of the plumbing lines. If you’re in our area with a Hot Spring Spa, our Valet Service can help get your tub prepped, sanitized and cleaned for moving.
  • Remove the filters and clean them. If they’re nearing the two-year mark, better to ditch them and get new filters for your new home.
  • Seriously assess the cover, too. If it’s waterlogged, vinyl is cracking, or nearing the three to four-year mark, be smart and toss the old cover. Order a new one! Or, better yet, stop buying vinyl covers and instead invest in a Smartop. It will give your tub an instant upgrade, as well as never need replacing.

If you’re in our area, you know what’s a really smart/fun thing to do if you can swing it? Trade your current Hot Spring Spa in for a new tub! You will love all the new innovations and the treat of soaking in saltwater thanks to the FreshWater Salt System. We pick your old tub up at your old home, deliver the new tub to your new home. Easy, painless, and an amazing housewarming gift to yourself!

Moves can often be eight parts stressful but only two parts fun! Hopefully this guide will set you up for success if you opt to make the hot tub part of your moving plan.