The Truth About Buying Hot Spring Spa Parts Online

November 14, 2013

It’s a fact: your whole Hot Spring Spa came from Olympic Hot Tub. So should its replacement parts.

Sure, hot tub parts online are cheaper. We hear this every day: “I can buy that cheaper online.” But NOT “that part” ~ the one you need. That’s because what you’re seeing online are just parts. Usually, they’re cheap parts because they’re not true brand-name replacements, although the seller is hoping you don’t notice that.

Beyond that, here’s what you’re not getting for what you’re paying:

  •  The Hot Spring Spa guarantee.
  •  The one-year warranty from Olympic Hot Tub.
  • Certainty that it’s the right part for the job-not a part slapped with a counterfeit Hot Spring label that’s imported from overseas, not a 2-year old part that’s been shelved because there’s an improved version for the job.*
  • Free advice from us if you plan a do-it-yourself install because we’ve sold you the part from our online e-store.
  • An expert, factory-trained Olympic Hot Tub Service Tech if you need a professional install. 
  • No needless interruption in the operation of your hot tub.
  • No worries that a fake part will cause further damage to your precious Hot Spring Spa.

* We’ve had customers send us photos of parts they bought online asking for advice. Then, we see that the part they bought is two years old and not the current part to fix the issue; a part that isn’t the correct part AT ALL and has had a fake Hot Spring label put on the part or packaging. A worthless part and money down the drain.

Saving a few dollars with an online purchase could cost you the quality of the investment you made when you bought your Hot Spring Spa in the first place.

Why take the chance? You know us. 36 years of being here for you whenever something goes wrong.  Unsure about what to do? Call our Service Center 206 431-2876 for expert advice.

You bought your hot tub so you could relax. Don’t let a question about any part of it disturb your peace of mind. Stay stress-free and Relax for life®.

As the Romans said it, Res severa est verum gaudium. Latin for True pleasure is a serious business.

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