Your hot tub can be your best friend…IF you treat it right! Here’s a list of mistakes to avoid so your tub is always in great working order and ready to soak when you are.

  1. Keep your water soaking ready! If you run into periods where you are not soaking regularly, make sure the water is maintained. Nasty water is a lot more work to bring back to “ready”. If you find yourself too busy to make sure things are maintained, our Service Center can help. Call our Service Center at 206-431-2876 for Valet Service or water care advice.
  2. A light cover is a happy cover. Don’t let your hot tub cover gets so heavy from waterlogging that it can’t be lifted. Not only will it raise your operating cost, but it could also do damage to your cover lifter or hot tub’s siding. If your cover is too heavy to lift, it’s likely time for a new one. (Covers should be replaced every 3-5 years.)
  3. Change your cartridge on time! If you use a silver ion cartridge in your tub, it should be replaced every four months. Likewise, the salt cartridge on Hot Spring Spas also gets replaced every four months if you’ve got a FreshWater Salt System. These are key to keeping your tub clean and sanitized. Best way to remember? Have us do it for you! Our Home Delivery Service is here to make things easy, cheaper and you’ll get free shipping!
  4. Clean filters monthly. Your filters should get cleaned once a month, whether you’re using your tub or not. Traditional filters should get replaced every 2-2 ½ years. If your tub uses Tri-X filters, these should be replaced about every four years.
  5. Clean filters while wet. If you do intend to take your filters out of the tub for an extended period, be sure you wash them before they get a chance to dry out. If they dry before being cleaned, you’ll not be able to clean them successfully and will need new ones instead. (Note—Be sure your tub isn’t run without filters in place! Always power down the tub when cleaning filters.)
  6. Power on always prevents freezing. It’s not smart to leave your tub full with the power off—especially in colder months. If you experience freeze damage, it will not be an inexpensive repair! Even when you’re not using your tub, a Hot Spring Spa is designed to use the lowest amount of energy of any tub on the market.
  7. Rinse or shower prior to a soak. It may be tempting to just hop into the tub with all the lotion, deodorant, makeup, and grime of the day. But your hot tub is not a bathtub! At the very least a quick rinse before a soak will keep your water in great shape for crystal clear soaks
  8. Is your ozone working? Ozone systems do not last forever—and bubbles being produced doesn’t mean ozone is present either. Ozone systems tend to last 2-3 years. If your tub has an ozone system, you can use an Ozone Detection Kit to see if it’s still producing ozone.
  9. No clean clear water means no soaking! If your tub water is green, cloudy, or has a musty smell or foamy, get it cleaned up before taking a soak. It’s not sanitary. When it gets to this stage, best to drain, refill and restart with fresh water care products. We have all the water care products you need available on our E-Store.
  10. No tarps or plastic wrap. Covering your hot tub with plastic wrap or a tarp is disastrous for your hot tub cover. Not only could it become waterlogged much quicker, but it can also magnify the sun’s rays and trap heat. That can cause your cover’s cores to melt. No bueno!
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