The best spot to view the Christmas Comet? Your hot tub, of course!

December 11, 2018

December 11, 2018 – This Wednesday, if the night sky permits where you live, you’ll be able to get a terrific opportunity to get a glimpse of the Christmas Comet!

The Geminids meteor shower is in full swing at the moment and will also reach its peak Wednesday. The combination of both these celestial shows are ideal to view from the bubbly waters of your hot tub.

This comet, officially known as 46P/Wirtanen among space aficionados, takes a pass by Earth every five years. The comet was named after Carl Wirtanen, the American astronomer who discovered it back in 1948. The Christmas Comet is the brightest comet to come into view this year. It will also be the closest the comet will be in view from Earth for the next 20 years!

Head out to your hot tub late in the evening and be sure to keep the lighting off in the tub. You’ll not want anything detracting from this terrific sky show. Then, look to the south to seek out the Christmas Comet. If you’re familiar with Orion, you should see the comet just to the right of Rigel, which is the brightest star in the foot of Orion.

If the night sky cooperates and you get an unobstructed view, you’ll be enjoying quite a treat between the comet and Geminids. What a terrific way to take in a crisp clear December evening!