The Art of Hot Tubbing in the Rain-5 Tips For A Better Rainy Night Soak

March 14, 2012

What’s with all this rain? I guess it’s normal, but it seems excessive. Doesn’t it? It’s not just rain. It’s hail, sleet, snow proving that winter’s  still here. The Seattle Times says it’s La Nina and we’ve got to get used to it.  Rain is forecast for today, tomorrow and through the weekend and beyond.

Let’s do better than endure this weather. 

Let’s enjoy it and make the most of it by going out to the hot tub tonight rain, sleet, snow or not!

If you were wise enough to have placed your Hot Spring Spa right outside a door, you’re in luck. It may take some coaxing and convincing self-talk to convince yourself to run out to the tub in the cold, freezing rain in your bathing or birthday suit and jump in.  But, once you’re there, get ready for a fantastic hot tub soaking experience! And, you know you won’t feel the cold at all when you get out of the tub.

There are 5 things you must do before you go out in this rain. Plan ahead for a wonderful hot tub soak and master the art of hot tubbing in the rain:

1.     Put on a hat or grab an umbrella.  I don’t like the rain pouring down on my face nor soaking my hair. You probably don’t either. So take cover. A hat will protects your head from heat loss, too. For all about hats for the hot tub check out this post.  In case you didn’t know, the umbrella hat is a perennial favorite.Buy a hot tub umbrealla from Olympic Hot Tub

2.     Make some hot chocolate! That’s the perfect drink for the tub in weather like this. Cold drinks would be too much of a shock to your system tonight. Take the chocolate to the tub in a plastic cup. Don’t use ceramic or glass that might break.  Plan to drink the chocolate after you get out? Add some exotic flavor to give it a kick like Bailey’s Irish Cream, Cask & Caramel, Amaretto, Peppermint schnapps or Frangelico.

3.     Wear slippers. Yes, wear them. This is NOT the time to go bravely barefoot to the tub. You might slip-a bad thing. And you’ll likely track leaves & dirt into the tub if you trek out in bare feet-definitely not a good thing.

4.     Heat your terry cloth robe in the dryer to make the transition from your warm house to the tub easier. Ditto your towels so they’re toasty when you leave the tub.

5.     Wear extreme weather moisturizer on your face. There are many brands made for skiing and mountain climbing. If you don’t have any on hand, use Vaseline to protect your face from getting over-exposed to the cold. You don’t want those small blood vessels on your nose and cheeks to break from being too cold.

6.    Turn you hot tub into a therapy pool with Spazazz. Colorful and fragrant Spazazz Therapy Crystals set the mood, arouse emotion, and relax your state of mind and body. Whether it is romance, muscle therapy, or peace of mind, the benefits of aromatherapy are always desirable, so add a few capsules of Spazazz Crystals to your spa or hot tub before you soak.  These fantastic fragrances will enhance your spa experience by transporting you to a deeper relaxation.

Now, you’re ready.

Carefully walk out in the rain.  Lift the cover, see the steam curling up, climb in, snuggle down into the water and experience that “AHHHHhhhhhhh”.

It doesn’t get any better than this.

Try it today or tonight!  I promise you’ll enjoy the sheer sensuousness and luxury like at no other time.

You’ll be a master of the art of hot tubbing in the rain.

And, thanks to Garth Stein and his wonderful book “The Art of Racing in the Rain” for this blog post title.  It’s soon to be a play at Book-It Repertory Theater.

There are some health conditions that would prevent outdoor soaking at lower temperatures.  If in doubt, consult your physician.

RES EST SERVA VOLUPTASPleasure is serious business.


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