How to Turn Your Hot Tub Into a Therapy Pool With Spazazz

When you hot tub, it’s all about the 5 senses from touch to sight to hearing and smell.  One of the most powerful of the human senses is smell.  When you’re going for deep relaxation, don’t overlook the power of smell to change the way you feel.

Colorful and fragrant Spazazz Therapy Crystals set the mood, arouse emotion, and relax your state of mind and body. Whether it is romance, muscle therapy, or peace of mind, the benefits of aromatherapy are always desirable, so add a few capsules of Spazazz Crystals to your spa or hot tub before you soak.  These fantastic fragrances will enhance your spa experience by transporting you to a deeper relaxation.


· Is safe for hot tubs, baths, spas of all brands and models.

· Will not clog filters, motors, or jets.

· Will not affect sanitizers or PH Level.

· Will not foam or bubble.

· Is safe for all spa surfaces.

· Made in USA.

There are a lot of “cheap smelling” spa fragrances on the market.  The kind that makes you say “Yuck” when you catch a wiff.  Not Spazazz.

To turn your hot tub into a therapy pool,try one of the new Spazazz Rx Therapies.  Your hot tub experience will never be the same. Your muscles and joints will thank you! Try  Spazazz Rx Therapies to ease whatever ails you:

Muscular Therapy – Achy? Soothe & comfort sore muscles in our hot ‘n icy blend.  Just add jets!  Stretch & Relax

Joint Therapy – Feeling sore? Submerge yourself in our unique Therapeutic Blend, created to reduce inflammation and boost circulation.

Detox Therapy – Feel the healing power. Eliminate and cleanse built up toxins with our special detox blend. Just add jets! Purify your system from the outside in.

Respiratory Therapy – Feeling congested? Breathe deep and clear your head in our purifying upper respiratory blend.  Add jets for faster relief!

Energy Therapy – Need a pick-me-up? Revitalize after a long day or to get the day started by using our energy blend.

Stress Therapy – Feeling stressed? Relax your body and clear your mind in our stress relief blend.

Try some  Spazazz today.  Available from our estore or all 6  Olympic Hot Tub locations: Seattle, Auburn, Everett, Issaquah, Woodinville & Lacey.

RES EST SERVA VOLUPTAS. Pleasure is serious business.


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Author: Don Riling

Don Riling is the President of Olympic Hot Tub and has been an active member of the hot tub industry for over 27 years. As the company’s owner since 2016, he has continued Olympic’s legacy of promoting health & wellness through water.

4 responses to “How to Turn Your Hot Tub Into a Therapy Pool With Spazazz

  1. Many of you have heard of hydrotherapy i.e. using water for healing, which is one of the major uses for a spa. You will also know about Aromatherapy, which has become a household name through the popularity of scented candles. But have you heard of Reflexology, Chromatherapy and Watsu, and did you know that spas can become therapy hot tubs to perform all of these treatments?

  2. Hello Jacquetta:
    Thanks for your comment. I’ve heard of watsu & reflexology, but not chromatherapy and hot tubs.
    Tell us more!

  3. I have never heard of these hydro or watsu or any of these, I just got a hot tub and want to know what is the best oils to use in your tub?

  4. Hello Tonia:
    Thanks for writing. Congratulations on your new hot tub. Oils are not the best thing to add to a hot tub unless you’re adding just a few drops
    of essential oil for scent. Oils gum up the filters and make water care harder.
    We recommend specially formulated Spazzaz for your hot tub. It makes gives added benefit
    to soaking. You’ll get a deeper relaxation, smooth, soft skin and reduces joint and muscle soreness.
    You’ll find Spazazz on our. Give it a try.
    Happy hot tubbing,

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