Spring Clean Your Hot Tub With These Top 7 Cleaning Products

March 23, 2015

Clean Start_by_SilkBalance_Pouring

March 23, 2015

Rub-A-Dub-Tub!  Time to make your hot tub sparkle for National Spring Cleaning Week.

Your hot tub refreshes you. Return the favor during National Spring Cleaning Week,  Here’s what you need from Olympic Hot Tub for the full cleaning experience – top to bottom, inside and out. All products are approved for Hot Spring Spas.

The Cover. Use Aerospace 303 Protectant to keep the vinyl supple and prevents drying. It’s like sunscreen for your tub – protecting against sun damage while repelling dust, dirt, and stains.

The Shell. Use Gel Gloss to remove oils, dirt, and scum from your spa surfaces without scratching. Gel Gloss cleans, seals, waxes, and protects, with carnauba wax for restoring the like-new shine. For tile and suborn stain lines, use Merlin Eraser Sponges  for tile and stubborn stain lines. Never use sudsy cleansers that are hard to rinse out.

The Water. Toss in a ScumBug, the sponge that floats in the water, absorbs up 40 times its weight in body oils and lotions, and lasts for months.Buy SilkBalance and stop itchy skin from harsh hot tub chemicals and automatically balance your hot tub water chemistry. Pour it and ignore it!

The Floor.  Using a Grit Gitter is the ONLY way to get rid of the grit and sand  from your hot tub seats and floor. Use it while you soak for a quick cleanup.

The Filter. Make sure your filter is unclogged and clean for maximum efficiency and long life. Use Deep Clean SeaKlear filter soak or SeaKlear Filter Spray.

The Pipes. SilkBalance’s new liquid Clean Start™ clears the gunky buildup from your plumbing for a fresh water experience.

With a thorough cleaning, your hot tub will start the spring soaking season like new – so you can relax.  All recommended products on our estore or in our Olympic Hot Tub Stores.

As the Romans said it,  Res serva verum gaudium. True pleasure is a serious business.

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