Sound Investments: Hot Spring Spas Add Bluetooth Technology to Integrated Wireless Sound and TV Systems

March 27, 2013

Hot Spring Spas Integrated Wireless Sound System with TVSound Waves:  Hot Spring adds new technology to enhance the audio experience while you’re relaxing in the tub.

Your tub sessions can sound as good as they feel with Hot Spring’s four optional entertainment systems. Nearly all the Hot Spring models, including Hot Spring Spas, Limelight Hot Tubs and Hot Spot models the Relay, Tempo and Rhythm come entertainment-ready with four integrated and illuminated speakers, and you can add a system any time.

Among the choices and new this spring:

·        Wireless TV. You can watch your favorite show from your in-house television, transmitted without wires to a waterproof, temperature-resistant 17-inch widescreen LCD TV that attaches to the tub cabinet and can pivot for convenient viewing at any angle.  When you’re not watching, you can protect it with a vinyl cover included.

·        Wireless Sound with Bluetooth Technology paired with a Wireless In-Home Dock. The iPod/iphone can stay safely in the house, but you control the entertainment from your Hot Spring Spa control panel.

·        Wireless Sound with Bluetooth Technology. This popular option pairs with any Bluetooth technology enabled music device and wirelessly transmits live streaming options like Pandora® or downloads songs saved directly on the device. The transmitter is safe indoors, and you enjoy music from your iPod®, MP3, satellite radio, AM/FM radio, CD/DVD player, audio files on your computer, and more, with the volume control at your fingertips.

Whether you’re setting the mood for a splashy party or a romantic interlude for two,  Hot Spring offers sound investments that guarantee a noteworthy experience every day.

RES EST SERVAS VOLUPTAS. Pleasure is serious business.


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