December 29, 2008

This fan letter from an Olympic hot tub owner says it all.  SilkBalance has been a skin saver during our recent snows and bad weather.  Read on:

“I’m a family physician in his sixties. Over the years my skin has gotten drier, and during the winter I get eczema rashes. I had to limit my use of my Olympic Hot Tub (the Bengal) to once a week or less. Any more frequently increased the itchy rash. This was a big disappointment to me because the hot tub has long been part of my stress management.

When I get into the tub, the stress just melts away. The family is also the beneficiary of my better mood!

I was in the showroom, buying some more Spa Shock, when I saw someone with this tear-shaped orange bottle. He was telling the salesperson that he used the SilkBalance treatment weekly, and since he did, his skin was much better. Having overheard him and sensing his delight with the product, I decided to try it myself. I purged the tub and filled it with fresh water, according to the instructions. I did not use the Calcium Hardener, but did use the shock, SilkBalance, and a bit of chlorine.

Then I started using the tub daily. What is truly amazing is that my dry skin and rash have diminished dramatically. The water feels soft on my skin, and my sense is that the natural oils are not washed away as much with the softer water. I also enjoy the feel of the softer water compared to the Calcium hardened water. The further benefit is that I don’t have to check the chemical balance of the tub anymore. I just trust that with weekly application of the SilkBalance, the balance will be maintained appropriately. I’ve been using the SilkBalance weekly ever since.

My skin continues to be way better, and I need way less moisturizing and cortisone creams. I’m afraid I’ve become a true believer.” Hope that’s helpful. My bottle of SilkBalance is near gone. Let me know when I can drop by and pick up another.

Warm thanks,
Bruce Davis

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If you’re already a SilkBalance user, I’d love to hear what you think about it in your hot tub!

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