December 31, 2008

Tonight’s the night for our yearly ritual. We soak in the tub with a glass of bubbly and celebrate our good fortune.  We can hear the bells & horns and see tips of fireworks  across the lake from our rooftop Hot Spring Spa. Safe, warm and away from the traffic, it’s just the two of us. We toast the year to come and wish for another year of health and happiness, continued good fortune, a great business, family & friends.  Here’s to all of you hot tubbers who are doing the same tonight: Happy New Year! May all of your wishes come true.




This is the Dream.

This is the Dream we carry through the world

that something fantastic will happen

that it has to happen

that time will open by itself

that doors shall open by themselves

that the heart will find itself open

that mountain springs will rise up

that the dream will open itself

that we will one early morning

slip into a harbor

we have never know before.

Thanks to Robert Bly for this translation of the poem from the late Norwegian poet Olav Hauge.

That sums up my feeling about the hot tub: dreams are dreampt and feelings felt and explored like no where else on earth.  We wouldn’t be without our dream machine!

Happy New Year! From all of us at Olympic Hot Tub.

RES EST SERVAS VOLUPTAS. Pleasure is Serious Business.