December 19, 2008

There’s an intersting blog called Journey to the Hot Tub by Hot Tub Lizzy aka Beth G. Intrigued, I emailed her and asked her why she used that title. Here’s her reply:
“Here’s the deal with the hot tub. I’ve been separated for a year, and going through divorce. I’ve met a WONDERFUL new man, who I just adore, and we were talking about what could make our wedding night special, since we’ve both been married and had kids and all that… stuff. I said something about always wanting to have someone with me in a hot tub that I could cuddle with and just enjoy (my ex was SO not a cuddler or anything like that) so we decided that on our wedding night we will for sure get a room with a big hot tub… so my blog started out as just as my thoughts and feelings as he and I start to get to know each other and as we progress towards the day we get married… but then it sort of took over a life of it’s own.. :)”
Beth, best of luck on your “journey to the hot tub” via walking down the aisle!!
You’ve made the right choice for a wedding night: a room with a hot tub. Here’s my 2009 wish for you: a hot tub of your own that you can soak in every night with your new husband!! Happy Holidays.

RES EST SERVA VOLUPTAS. Pleasure is a serious business!