How long does it take a hot tub to relax a TV personality? Ten minutes!

July 30, 2019

July 30, 2019 – Olympic has been participating in a few segments airing on Seattle Refined this year. The show is broadcast in the afternoons here in the Pacific Northwest on the ABC affiliate, KOMO-TV (channel four locally). Our first segment aired at the end of June. In it, I shared a sampling of the many health benefits of soaking in a hot tub. We were fortunate to have one of our customers, Rebecca Nelson, come down to the showroom to be interviewed and share what a difference her Hot Spring Spa has made in her life.

Yesterday, we taped the next segment we’ll have airing August 21st. Gaard Swanson, the host for the show, came over to do the shoot in our showroom here in Seattle. We had a lot of fun together! After a bit of introduction and chat about how our days started, we began talking about the various things we were going to talk about on the segment. I gave him some ideas and wrapped up by telling him I was wanting him to hop in a tub for part of the show. He thought I was nuts and said he didn’t really think he was up for that. Of course, I replied, “What? Come on…your team told me you’d be game! There are worse things you could do at work than soak in a hot tub!” He gave me a “Oooookay” look and said, “Well, let me think about it.”

We proceeded with the shoot. The fun thing about showing someone around our showroom is how shocked they are when they see all the cool things there are available for hot tubs today. Naturally, I boasted about the FreshWater Salt System available on Hot Spring Spas. The ability to soak in salt water and not have to worry about sitting in a chemical-filled tub with water that could dry out your skin and smell is something our customers love. It’s the most eco-friendly water care option too, with recyclable cartridges and water can last up to a year in the tub before needing a change. Gaard admitted his kids had recently been in a hot tub and their eyes were irritated and the tub didn’t smell all that great. I could tell that the idea of the salt system piqued his interest.

Then we talked a little bit about the cool factor of Hot Spring Spas. I showed him the Bluetooth Music System we have available, played with the wireless remote to operate our Highlife Collection tubs, and also took a look at the wireless monitor we have available. It affords you the chance to stream your favorite shows, sports or watch movies right at your hot tub, utilizing Bluetooth and the music system’s subwoofer to provide some terrific sound.

Next we moved on to a very slick addition available for hot tubs: the Covana. Covana is an automated gazebo that serves as both the cover for the hot tub and an enclosure! A turn of the key brings the Covana up to enjoy a hot tub soak. When you’re done soaking, lower the Covana and it seals the hot tub, eliminating the need to replace vinyl hot tub covers. It helps lock the heat in the tub to keep power bills low. You enjoy excellent peace of mind, since your tub is secured when not in use to keep unwanted critters or strangers out of your hot tub. (Really great for vacation homes and bed and breakfasts, too!) Made in Montreal, the Covana can handle up to 600 lbs. of snow! Several styles are available, including models that will fit swim spas.

We then took a look at Smartop. Yet another cool product to come to market that helps eliminate that need to replace a vinyl hot tub cover every few years. Vinyl covers get stinky, waterlogged, and for me they’re one of the unsightliest things about a hot tub. Hot Spring Spas have such a contemporary high design look today. A Smartop is the perfect way to accent a Hot Spring Spa and make it eco-friendlier to boot. Smartops have a luxe look that perfectly complement our tubs. And the integrated hydraulic lift system and steel cable cover locks make it easy and safe, too. The other thing I love about Smartop? They’re made right here in Washington State! Leisure Concepts, the world’s largest accessories manufacturer for hot tubs, hails from Spokane.

Eventually we landed in our wonderful soak room. Here, we have five tubs full of water ready to try. In fact, in our Seattle showroom we currently offer ten tubs that can be tested out! Nearly every single one of them is running with the FreshWater Salt System. When I pointed this out to Gaard, it made him realize that we had all these tubs running, not an ounce of noise could be heard—and the entire showroom was absent of any chlorine or chemical smell! Well, once he had that realization and saw how inviting the tubs in the soak room looked, he decided that he really did need to give them a try. He was quite stunned that we had suits, towels, bottled water, rubber ducks…everything you need to make sure you have a great hot tub soak.

Gaard changed into a suit and hopped in the tub. One of my favorite things about our business has always been the smile that lights up people’s faces when they get in one of our tubs, and that “Aaaaahhh…this feels great!” that can’t help but spring from their lips. Gaard was certainly no exception. We did a little bit of filming while he was in the tub, then wrapped up his time in the showroom.

When he came back out, he was refreshed—and amazed. “I mean, how long was I in that tub? Five minutes?” I told him it was more like ten. “Man,” he said, “I feel so relaxed! I can’t believe how good that felt after just ten minutes. That was terrific.” He was also so impressed that he couldn’t smell any chemicals on his skin. “That was really great!”

He left the showroom with a smile on his face feeling good. I would hazard a guess that his day was much better because of just ten minutes in a Hot Spring Spa.

If it takes that little time to start feeling better, isn’t that something we all should take advantage of every day? It’s one of the reasons Hot Spring Spas motto is Every Day Made Better. It’s also why you see the words Relax for Life nestled in our Olympic Hot Tub logo. Those seven words combined are the reasons why I love being in the hot tub business in the Northwest.

If you get a chance, check out our segment on Seattle Refined August 21st. And, if you’re in our area and think you’re ready to feel the way Gaard felt after a ten-minute soak, come visit one of our six Puget Sound showrooms! You’ll be one step closer to feeling better, living better, sleeping better…being better.

Doesn’t that sound great?