The Covana™ Automated Cover and Gazebo in one

Covana Cover Closedcovana coverCovana vanguard coverOasis Shingle Roof Rendering Mar 2019Oasis Darling Roof Rendering--Open Mar 2019Oasis Darling Roof Rendering--Island Mural Mar 2019
Covana Cover Open
Covana Cover Closed
covana cover
Covana vanguard cover
Oasis Shingle Roof Rendering Mar 2019
Oasis Darling Roof Rendering--Open Mar 2019
Oasis Darling Roof Rendering--Island Mural Mar 2019

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Turn your backyard hot tub into a relaxing refuge.

The Covana is the ONLY fully automated all-in-one hot tub cover/gazebo enclosure.

It’s the top choice for safety and privacy.

  • Optional shades and screens provide privacy and shelter.
  • The keyed entry provides absolute security and safety.

In the down position on the hot tub, the cover is sturdy enough to walk on and can be put on lockout to keep intruders out!

When up (in the enclosure position) enjoy privacy from peeping neighbors. No one can see you or your hot tub!

Suitable for all Hot Spring Spas except for these models: Hot Spot Stride, SX & TX, Highlife Jetsetter LX and Jetsetter.

Your Key to Happiness!