Hot Tub to Beat Jet Lag. 6 Tips To Avoid Jet Lag Before It Gets You Down

April 24, 2012


Health through Water, or as the Romans said: Sanum per Aqua

The travel season is here.  Be prepared before you fly.  Try these tips to overcome jet lag before it zaps your energy, gets you down and upsets your whole system.

Most people don’t recognize the role dehydration plays in jet lag. Your internal clock gets out of sync not only because you flew over several time zones of ocean to Asia or Europe but also because you were breathing air drier than a desert for most of that time – sometimes less than 10% humidity. That has a lot to do with why you’re so tired, your body feels so sluggish and your skin is dry and itchy.

Your hot tub can help you re-hydrate and recover fast. I know this is true. Two years ago on a trip to Rome, my husband and I checked into our hotel and then grabbed a cab to the only hammam in Rome-AquaMadre, a wonderful Turkish bath with thermal pools. We soaked for a couple of hours alternating between the hot and cool pools.  And, to our surprise had almost no jet lag symptoms the next day.  Last year, our plane landed too late for the hammam and we paid the price for not soaking. The jet lag persisted for days. A bathtub did not help us overcome that sluggish, tired feeling nor did it reset our body clocks to Roman time.

1. SOAK TO RE-HYDRATE. Of course you want to drink plenty of water too, but surrounding yourself with soothing water in the hot tub can start the healing, especially for your parched skin. Get in as quick as you can after landing, and relax for at least 20 minutes in the balm of  your Hot Spring Spas’ hydro-massage jets.

2. LOCK IN MOISTURE. When you leave the tub, lock in the moisture with a high-quality body lotion all over. Don’t forget your back.

3. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER. You can head off some of the problems by drinking bottled water throughout the flight and avoiding drinks such as alcohol and coffee that make the dehydration worse. Keep up the extra water for at least two days after you reach home.

4. EAT LIGHTLY. Avoid salt and fat as much as you can, so eat little airline food and focus on fresh fruit, fruit juice and other high-carb choices.

 5. TAKE TWO SOAKS A DAY FOR A WEEK. For fast relief, soak 10-15 minutes every morning and 20-24 minutes every night the week following your trip.

6. TURN YOUR HOT TUB INTO A THERAPY POOL FOR DEEPER RELAXATION. Turn you hot tub into a therapy pool with Spazazz. Colorful and fragrant Spazazz Therapy Crystals are especially helpful for jet lag. set the mood because they relax your state of mind and body.   Add a few capsules of Spazazz Crystals to your spa or hot tub before you soak.  These fantastic fragrances will enhance your spa experience by transporting you to a deeper relaxation.

Any other tips for overcoming jet lag faster?  Do share in the comment section below!

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.


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