Hot Tub Buyers Guide: The Hot Spot “Rhythm” Has Everything You’re Looking for!

September 12, 2011

Buying a Hot Tub? Your search for the perfect hot tub ends here. The fascinating Hot Spot Rhythm by the makers of  Hot Spring Spas has everything you’re looking for! And, it’s only at Olympic Hot Tub.

Hot tub shopping? Your search is over.

The new fascinating Hot Spot Rhythm  has everything you’re looking for in a hot tub at a friendly, easy on the wallet price.   At 7’x 7’ with a seating capacity of 7 adults, this is a hot tub that packs everything hot tub shoppers want into one terrific space for relaxation and entertainment.

 Savings are Built in

The Hot Spot® Hot Tub line is designed as an investment in comfort and relaxation that will give you years of enjoyment and cost-conscious operation. The newest model, the Rhythm, was developed with customer and retail store owner input. It’s loaded with every feature hot tub shoppers are looking for.


Want lots of jet power? You’ve got it! At the heart of every Hot Spot Hot Tub is a powerful Wavemaster® jet pump, perfectly matched with the hot tub’s jet and plumbing system. 35 powerful, adjustable jets relax and revive your body with a comforting blend of air and water. Direct the adjustable jets for customized hydromassage. You’ll get the precise amount of power you prefer for a deeply satisfying massage.

 Energy Efficient

Concerned about energy use? The Hot Spot Rhythm was engineered to be an energy miser. Hot Spot spas have been certified to the California Energy Commission (CEC) in accordance with California law and are designed to keep operating costs low no matter which state you live in. You’ll see the energy savings add up over time.


The proven, high-quality No-Fault® heater is dependable and efficient, keeping the hot tub water hot so you can enjoy a relaxing soak anytime. The heater is backed by our exclusive No-Fault warranty, which has no exclusions for water chemistry.


Enjoy subtle, soothing sounds from your hot tub’s waterfall, a flowing stream of crystalline water.

 Points of Light

Create your own rainbow with 10 multi-colored LED points of light, each positioned to add a soft, enchanting glow to the water. Four lights at the foot well illuminate the hot tub’s interior, while six lights located above the water line add reflective sparkle that dances as the water moves. Six jewel-bright colors; enjoy one color or loop them for a continuously revolving light show. A three-step dimmer lets you control the intensity.


Listen to your favorite soundtrack with the optional Integrated MP3 Sound System and flip-up speakers.  Integrated into the cabinet, this system features an iPod® dock and an auxiliary input for other MP3 players. Also included is a waterproof remote that allows you to control iPod track and volume from inside or around your hot tub.

Clean Water, All the Time

Slip into soothing clean water without a lot of fuss or bother. Keeping your spa water sparkling fresh is simple. Hot Spot Hot Tubs have an accessible, easy-to-clean filter cartridge and a jet pump that runs at low speed during routine, automatic filter cycles.

To enhance your water care routine, Olympic Hot Tub includes the EverFresh® water care system. The FreshWater® III high-output ozone system generates a high concentration of ozone that works to neutralize contaminants on contact. And the FreshWaterAg+® continuous silver ion purifier works to inhibit bacteria growth with the natural sanitation power of silver ions. To complete this more natural water care system, you’ll receive our chlorine-free oxidizer to activate the silver ions that help refresh and brighten your spa water and SilkBalance-the natural way to care for your hot tub. There’s no testing, mixing or balancing. And, you’ll never have dry, itchy skin or cloudy water.

Colors & Options

Whatever your décor, the Hot Spot Rhythm will match or compliment it. It comes in the most wanted shall colors: Champagne Pearl Sand and Opal. The cabinet colors (Costal Redwood or Gray) fit all Northwest exteriors beautifully.

How hot is the Hot Spot Rhythm?

We’re selling them from the brochure! It’s not up on our website yet. We don’t have them in all of our showrooms. But that hasn’t stopped customers from grabbing all of the ones we’ve ordered. We’d rather deliver one to a waiting customer than put one in a showroom. If their popularity keeps up-and we think it will-it may be a long wait to put one into every showroom.  Want to see one? Call the store nearest you and find out where to see it.  Also, ask for pricing. Sorry we can’t post the price on our website or blog, but call any of our stores and find out what a great value the Rhythm is!

Can’t wait? Do what so many customers have already done: order from the brochure! With our Free full service delivery & set-up plus 4″ insulating cover and all water care products, you’ll be completely set. You can relax-it’s a hot tub from Olympic! Our Just Call Us Warranty Service is your guarantee of getting the right hot tub for you.

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.