Hot Tub Bliss Blog Celebrates 600th Post of Everything You Need to Know About Hot Tubbing

August 22, 2012

After more than four years of Hot Tub Bliss Blog, I’ve reached the 600-post milestone.  I though it would be fun to share the list of the Top 10 most-read posts:

10. “Stress Headache Relief Formula: Hot Tub + Coffee + Ibuprofen.” Readers must suffer lots of headaches. Maybe it’s the economy, or just normal life, as the poet said: “Show me someone who’s never had a headache, and I’ll show you someone who’s never lived.” Plenty of people opened this post and found out that the combination works better than any of the three treatments alone.

9. “Suffer from Fibromyalgia? Use a Hot Tub Regularly to Ease Pain, Improve Sleep & Mood.” The invisible, chronic symptoms of fibromyalgia don’t just go away, but lifestyle modifications – including tub soaks – can help conserve energy and minimize pain.

8. “Hot Tub Therapy for Type 2 Diabetes Reduces Sugar Levels and Improves Sleep.” More than 5 million Americans suffer from Type 2 diabetes, and many of them work to reduce symptoms and conquer the illness without medication.  Hot tubs can help.  And, that’s a fact proven by research.  If you or anyone you know suffers from Type 2 diabetes, start hot tubbing!

7. “What’s the #2 Reason People Hate Their Hot Tubs?” The surprise answer: Hot tub noise. Noisy hot tubs make bad neighbors, intrude on your solitude and can ruin your relaxation.  More and more people are waking up to this fact and having their sleep literally disturbed by a neighbor’s noisy hot tub.

6. “How to Claim Your Hot Tub as a Medical Deduction on your 2011 Return.”

If you’re medical insurance won’t pay for your hot tub, maybe the IRS will allow a medical deduction for it. If you have a doctor’s prescription and follow a few rules, that’s a real possibility! It won’t hurt to check it out.  You can always ask. They may or may not say no!

5. “Cloudy Hot Tub Water? Learn How to clear it Up Now!” This cleared up a relaxation-inhibiting problem for lots of readers.  Cloudy water is the bane of thousands if not millions of hot tub owners. If you’re one with perpetually cloudy water, read this post & end it forever-guaranteed!.

4. “Hot Tub Etiquette – Everything You Need to Know to Entertain with Ease.” It’s nice to have such polite readers. New hot tub owners want a handy guide to put their guests at ease, and visitors want to know what’s OK and what’s not when they’re invited to a friend’s tub. All the answers here.

3. “How To Get Insurance to Pay for Hot Tub Therapy.” If you have a diagnosed medical condition, insurance might pay for home hot tub treatments. Many people suffer from some of the hundreds of medical issues that can be eased with hot tubbing, and insurance companies often appreciate the benefits by reimbursing you for your purchase.

2. “Hot Tub in Hot Weather to Stay Cool.” High temperatures across the country for the past two summers drove many readers to learn how hot tubbing is cool.

Drum roll, please. The most-read Hot Tub Bliss blog post is:

1. “Public Hot Tubs – 7 Tips You Must Know Before You Soak.” People want to know how to tell whether public hot tubs are safe and clean. People who don’t have their own hot tub yet need to learn the signs, and even hot tub owners need to recognize the pitfalls of public soaking.

Thanks to you my loyal readers for reading Hot Tub Bliss, sending your suggestions & posting your comments. Was your favorite post not on the list? Share it in the comments section, won’t you?

Here’s to the next 600 posts!  Don’t worry – I won’t run out of ideas. They keep bubbling up. Hot tubbing is always inspirational, right?

Relax for Life.™


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