Hot Tub Bliss Blog Celebrates 4th Anniversary

It’s hard to believe it’s been four years of blogging about hot tubs and hot tubbing here on Hot Tub Bliss.

Thanks for all of your comments, suggestions, and encouragement.

I’ve enjoyed writing about all things “hot tub” and “sauna” including hot tub and sauna health benefits, lifestyle, water care and Hot Spring Spas and Finnleo Saunas.   The largest response to any post? “More on How to Save the Whales While Soaking In Your Hot Tub”.  Most read post: “Public Hot Tubs: What You Must Know Before You Soak”.

I write Hot Tub Bliss is to connect you with all things from “ahhh” to “aHa”. The “ahhhs” are the sounds that escape when you sink into the hot swirling waters after a long day.  That hot water is so soothing and healing that letting out a big  sigh  is the only way to stand the pleasure.

The “aHas”-are those ideas and split-second inspirations that bubble up when you’re relaxed. Inspiration and “brainstorms” have always been an important part of hot tub soaking. The “staycations” you enjoy every day in your own backyard hot tub can bring quiet and sometimes awe inspiring pleasure.  So, do share your “aHas!”

And, for fun, tell me about the fabulous vacations you’ve taken with your Olympic Hot Tub  rubber duck in hand. Some of your ducks have seen the Seven Wonders of the World, and we have photos from hundreds of exotic places to prove it. Remember to pack a duck in your suitcase and take it along on your next vacation.  Place the duck in interesting spots and send the photos to us.  We’d love to see how far these ducks travel.

So, chime in and share how your hot tub makes a difference in your health, work, life and lives of your family members. Email photos of your own fabulous tubscape.  Recall what happened and how you felt when you finally made your hot tub purchase, perhaps after waiting years to say, “YES.”

With Hot Tub Bliss I want to create hot tub  and sauna evangelists all over the world, one soak or sweat at a time.  Come on in and visit often.

Comments and suggestions on blog posts and for new blog topics are always welcome.

Our new tagline is “Relax for life” because we believe that relaxation is essential for health and long-life.


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Author: Don Riling

Don Riling is the President of Olympic Hot Tub and has been an active member of the hot tub industry for over 27 years. As the company’s owner since 2016, he has continued Olympic’s legacy of promoting health & wellness through water.

8 responses to “Hot Tub Bliss Blog Celebrates 4th Anniversary

  1. Happy 4th! Alice, you have done a great job in sharing your thoughts and knowledge with all of us!
    I love sharing your blog with our customers and helping them have a better hot tub experience.
    I appreciate your dedication to bettering us as a company and as an individual.
    Looking forward to celebrating the blog milestones in years to come!

  2. Patty:
    How nice of you to write. Thank you so much for all of your kind words.
    I’m looking forward to celebrating blog milestones in the upcoming years..only
    8 posts to go to reach 600 total since July 2008.:-)
    Thanks again & thanks for all you do for Olympic Hot Tub!

  3. Its great learning so much about the different elements of a hot tub. I’ve been contemplating purchasing one and have yet to make a decision so reading online reviews is very helpful.

  4. Hello Alice!

    WOW – FOUR YEARS…what a fabulous accomplishment! And what a remarkable, and enduring resource your blog has become. I can only imagine, with the quantity of your posts, it’s not been easy! 

    Please know that your leadership, and hard work is valued and appreciated, Alice. Hot Tub Bliss has delivered tremendous value to customers and sellers alike. I know – because I’m one of them!

    So on this 4th anniversary, we hope you are blessed with continued inspiration and creativity. We also hope you feel the genuine satisfaction of knowing that your work is valued, and found impactful.

    Our very best to you, Blair, and your team.

    Thanks, Alice, 
    Scott Iverson

  5. Scott:
    Thank you so much!
    We wouldn’t have the success we have without being a Hot Spring dealer and enjoying the support of the many great people there including you! When you have a terrific product that you can believe in, the blog posts
    come easily!
    Many thanks for your kind words!

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