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Having guests in the hot tub for the holidays? Here are some tips for perfect hot tub hosting

December 8, 2017

December 8, 2017 – To me, there’s nothing more terrific that a hot tub in the crisp cold night air of a December evening. I love the bracing chill just before sinking in to that steaming hot water and having a soak in the silence of a winter night.

If you are having guests over for the holidays, chances are some of them don’t have that same experience at their own home. It could be such a nice treat to allow them to have a holiday soak when they visit, wouldn’t it? If you’d like to make a guest’s soaking experience extra special, consider these tips. We think they’ll love it!

  • Have plush robes available. It’s so nice to have a cozy robe to bundle up in before and after a visit to the tub. It can be a great gift for a friend who’s visiting too. If you need a perfect robe for the hot tub (or sauna), consider our waffle-knit robe. We love these!
  • Have heated soft fluffy towels. Drying off is so wonderful when you have a plush absorbent towel available post-soak. What’s even better? Pop them in the dryer for about 15 minutes on low heat. It feels terrific!
  • Offer aromatherapy. A hot tub soak is a wonderful thing in and of itself, to be sure! You can definitely enhance the experience with aromatherapy. Our terrific line of Spazazz Aromatherapy is available in a variety of very pleasing scents, won’t cause any water care issues, and dissipates after just a couple of days. Having a couple of options (or giving a bottle to your guest to take home for use in their own hot tub or bath) is a thoughtful touch.
  • Offer nice non-alcoholic drinks. Everyone is always so tempted to bring alcohol out to the hot tub, but it can cause dehydration and lightheadedness when combined with hot water soaking. Instead, offer an alternative that’s refreshing. Consider flavored sparkling San Pellegrino water, or maybe some holiday hot cocoa or spiced cider. Serve them up on a festive platter with an Evergreen spray and a nice votive candle in keeping with the season.
  • Play holiday music. If you have an outdoor sound system, be sure some wonderful seasonal tunes are wafting through the air as part of the hot tub soaking experience. Or, better yet, if you have a Hot Spring Spa with a Bluetooth Music System, synch their phone up to play their own favorite music while soaking.

We hope you’ll be able to make the hot tub part of the holidays for you and your friends.

Happy holiday soaking!