meteor shower

Enjoy the Leonids Meteor Shower from the comfort of your hot tub

November 17, 2017

November 17, 2017 – If you give yourself permission to relax, one of the wonderful things you can do in your hot tub is take in the night sky. It will be even more pleasurable this coming weekend, when Leonids Meteor Shower hits its peak.

This meteor shower is courtesy of Comet Tempel-Tuttle crossing the orbit of Earth each November. The dust rubble the comet leaves in its wake as it travels around the sun creates the shower. This year, prime viewing time is in the late hours of Friday, November 17th. Those of us lucky enough to live in the Northern Hemisphere have the best viewing opportunity. Leonids can produce as many as 50,000 meteors an hour, although the likelihood of that kind of show is not high for this year’s event.

Give yourself ample time to soak in your tub and see if you can spot a number of meteors during Leonids. Keep the lighting off in your tub, as well as any outdoor lighting, so you have the darkest environment for viewing. Take in the silence, enjoy the show, and reflect on the enormity of the universe and our very small part in it. It can be an inspirational way to enter into the holiday season ahead.

Enjoy the show.