Cloudy Water Hot Tub Water? Learn How to Clear it up NOW!

May 2, 2011

SeaKlear Mighty Pods PackageTroubled by cloudy water in your hot tub? It’s the pits, isn’t it? You don’t know what’s the cause. You’re standing outside next to your hot tub baffled, frustrated and probably angry.  “Who or what caused this??@*!!##,” you’re thinking.

Stop fuming & fussing. The fix is easy.

Use SeaKlear Spa Natural Clarifier to make all that cloudiness go away. SeakKlear Spa Natural Clarifier is the ONLY product Olympic Hot Tub Company recommends for making your hot tub water crystal clear.  It outperforms every other clarifier by removing dirt and oil (not just masking them as other clarifiers do) from spa & hot tub water! Use it regularly as directed to remove oils and keep filters cleaner longer.

Unlike synthetic, petroleum-based clarifiers, SeaKlear Spa Natural Clarifier actually removes oils from the water. Its unique, patented technology converts crab and shrimp shells from processing canneries and uses what would otherwise be thrown away to make your hot tub water clear and clean.  How’s that for ingenious??!! Don’t worry!  There’s no fishy smell.  It’s unscented.

It’s good for the environment, made right here in the Northwest and good for your hot tub! And, of course, it’s approved for use in all Hot Spring Spas. Order it today or stop into any of our 5 stores: Seattle, Fife, Everett, Issaquah or Lacey! Don’t soak in cloudy water another minute!  Use SeaKlear Spa Natural Clarifier. Always have a bottle on hand for those times when cloudy water confronts you when you lift your hot tub lid.

RES EST SERVA VOLUPTAS. Pleasure is serious business.

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