Buying a Hot Tub? You’re Making a Big Mistake if You Don’t Get Full Foam Insulation

March 28, 2012

Who would have guessed that I would get excited about hot tub insulation material?

Like whoop de do! I am so non-technical. I’m the person who says, “Don’t bore me with the details. I just want the hot tub to work & cost very little to heat.”

Well, I’m excited about THIS hot tub insulation. That is the new for 2012  FiberCor™ insulation that Watkins Manufacturing has adopted for Limelight and Hot Spot Spas.  It’s an innovative composite insulation material.  And, Limelight and Hot Spot Spas are the first in the industry with the more effective, environmentally-friendly material.  Two-pound density FiberCor replaces half-pound urethane foam in the construction.

The loose, pliable, wool-like material made from 25 percent recycled products is non-toxic, non-hazardous and involves no petroleum products (so no worries about escalating petroleum prices), and it’s easy to service. You can stick your hand in it, pull some out & replace it just as easily.

FiberCor meets California Energy Commission (CEC) energy requirements-the toughest in the country, so it’s certified to save energy and cut your ownership costs.

Best of all, it keeps more heat in the hot tub – where you can relax and not worry about high energy bills. That’s something to get excited about.  If you’re not looking at a fully foamed hot tub, you’re throwing your money away. Your heating bill will be $35-$60 a month and more.  Not the under $20. in Puget Sound for most Hot Spot & Limelight models. Add up the extra costs over a couple of years.  By the time you get past the 5 year mark, you’ll have lost any savings you thought you made with a cheaper non-fully foamed hot tub.

Thank Watkins Mfg. for always being on the cutting edge of hot tub manufacturing and caring about your energy bill.



RES EST SERVAS VOLUPTAS. Latin for pleasure is serious business.


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