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Avoid dry winter skin…Welcome to your new moisturizing room!

October 3, 2017

October 3, 2017 – We are famous for our wet weather. We’re used to it. We laugh at the rain and shun our umbrellas. But as we inch towards winter it’s important to remember that even in damp Puget Sound, when the weather turns cold it can dry out your skin and precautions need to be taken.

What makes the chillier weather so harsh on our skin? There are several factors. For the most part, the colder the air, the drier it becomes, and your exposed skin suffers the effects. Throw in a little wind, and that dry air quickly wicks away the natural moisture right off your skin. Add to that the extra time you spend indoors during winter, exposed to central heating, and your skin dries out even more.

Of course, you have options, and moisturizing is one. But there’s another way to fight the drying effects of winter and stimulate your body’s natural skin softening tendencies: Regular infrared sauna use. When you spend time in an infrared sauna, it increases the flow of blood to your skin. Your pores are opened. The fat in your cells starts to break up. Toxins are released which flush the skin, and dead cells are sloughed off revealing new skin underneath.  In addition, elasticity and skin tone improve. When blood flow is increased to the epidermis (our outer layer of skin), and dead cells are removed, we also get some relief from the itchiness of dry skin. (Also helpful for dry patches resulting from eczema and psoriasis!)

Bottom line? Your skin is refreshed and rejuvenated. Soft once again with a healthy glow. And that’s just your skin! There are so many more enjoyable benefits to basking in the warmth of an infrared sauna…including…happily basking in the warmth of a sauna!

Are you ready to give your skin a healthy makeover and minimize the drying effects of the colder weather ahead? Get a Finnleo Infrared Sauna for your home. It’s one of the best ways to feel better, sleep better, and look better every day!

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