meteor shower

Are you ready? There’s nothing like Perseids from your hot tub

August 7, 2019

meteor showerAugust 7, 2019 – One of the best sky shows of the year is nearly here, and there’s nothing better than taking in the event from your hot tub! The Perseid meteors are already shooting by Earth, with the peak happening August 11-13. This year, however, based on the added glow from a particularly bright moon, it would be best to take in a viewing the days leading up to the peak period. It will likely afford you the most optimal conditions for the best meteor sightings.

We’re always the lucky ones, as you can see the meteors best in our Northern Hemisphere. We’ve had some terrific weather of late here in the Pacific Northwest. Given that there will be a significant moonglow happening during the peak, make a point to do some stargazing between August 9th and 11th. You’ll have more moon-free opportunity to get your Perseids fill.

You’ve got some added guest stars making an appearance this year too! Saturn has had some stellar moments of late, and this shower will afford another chance to spy the ringed planet. Saturn should be visible until about 2 a.m. If you’re one of those late-night stargazers, hang out for a chance to see Mars as well. You could spot Mars up till about 4 a.m.

Get your hot tub dark—no hot tub lighting or other outdoor lighting should be on during your soak-and-star-show. Looking straight up in the sky will give you the absolute best way to take in as much of the heavens as possible, with the best chance to see as many meteors. If it’s a particularly warm night, and you have a Smartop on your hot tub, guess what? You could take your hot tub soak, then actually lay on your Smartop (given that it will easily handle the weight) and have an excellent flat surface for star viewing! Bring a blanket or two out if it’s a bit cool—or even a sleeping bag will do the trick.

Perseids for me signifies that we’re on the tail end of summer, and we Pacific Northwesterners need to seize every moment that’s ideal to enjoy the beautiful place in which we live. If you haven’t ever made an appointment with yourself to enjoy Perseids, make this the year! You’ll truly feel treated to a wonderful experience, courtesy of Mother Nature.