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Are you ready for hot tub season? Here are 5 tips to keep your water crystal clear.

August 25, 2017
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August 25, 2017 – Does it seem like we’re having an endless summer? Well, it won’t last forever. But that’s okay because there’s another delightful season right behind it. We’re fast approaching the time for nightly hot tub soaking!  Are you ready? What about your hot tub?

The discussion about water clarity and how to achieve it is not a new one, but since some folks struggle with it, it’s worth repeating.  Here are five tips that will help clarify the topic and your spa water.

  • Job #1…Sanitize! Your hot tub needs to be clean and we can’t stress that enough! Think about all the things one leaves behind after a soak including gobs of sweat and bacteria. Then try and make sense out of the fact that some folks don’t do a thing about it. Double yuck! Stuff that can cause cloudy water and possibly infection, is certainly not a gift worth giving.  Keep that water sanitized people! Those of you who have an ACE Salt Water System are fortunate. When the system is set according to your soaking habits, the work is done for you. If your hot tub has a virtually chlorine free system (like EverFresh with SilkBalance) there are only a few additional steps involved. You need to add Spa Shock after each use, and chlorine If your tub has a traditional chlorine system, the recommended amount to add after each use is half an ounce minimum. Then add Spa Shock once a week. Remember–sanitizing your hot tub is right and proper.
  • Maintain Your Balance. If you want your sanitizer to do its sanitizing thing you need to keep your water balanced. Weekly water testing is a must. Your pH levels and alkalinity need to be maintained within the correct range. Low pH will quickly gobble up your residual sanitizer and you’ll be left with cloudy, smelly water.
  • Clean Those Filters. Another important hot tub care item often neglected is keeping the filters clean. This needs to be done monthly. A dirty filter can’t do a proper job of cleaning and capturing refuse and solids. That’s the obvious. Dirty filters can also restrict your tubs heating and jet pressure, and can put extra strain on your tub’s pumps.  Monthly cleaning with a good filter cleaner is essential. Remember: filters don’t last a lifetime! Regular filters should be replaced every 2-3 years, and Tri-X filters every 5 years.
  • Remember to Clarify. A clarifier is the secret weapon that will help you round up all the contaminants in your hot tub. If you use your tub regularly, it’s natural to leave behind a fair amount of body oil, hair gel, deodorant, and biofilm. Clarifiers make it easier to trap these impurities in your filter. If you enjoy your hot tub often, your filter cleaning should follow suit. We recommend a weekly cleaning. By simply adding a small amount of clarifier, many of our customers are finding that their water care routine becomes much simpler.
  • Silver Ion Cartridges. They don’t last forever. If your system uses a silver ion cartridge you’ll need to change it every 4 months—regardless of how often you use the tub. This is an important component of your crystal clear water strategy. The silver helps neutralize bacteria. Do you need a cartridge? Just drop by, or give us a call. Another option that many of our customers enjoy is our EverCare™ Sign up and we’ll send you a new cartridge when it’s time to replace it. It’s postage free! And you’ll save money on the cartridge too!

If you have any questions about hot tub maintenance or maintenance products, just give our Service Center a call. We’re happy to help!  Enjoy your clean and crystal clear soaking!