Amazing things await you in Hot Spring Spas!

October 9, 2019

There is nothing that Olympic Hot Tub loves more than selling Hot Spring Spas. Not only are they thinking of new ways to make hot tubbing more enjoyable, but they strive to make them as eco-friendly as possible.

Check out a Hot Spring Spa today at Olympic Hot Tub. There is much to get excited about!

  • FreshWater Salt System—With ten years’ experience, Hot Spring has perfected healthy soaking in saltwater. The newest generation of water care—Freshwater Salt—is easy to maintain and allows you the opportunity to soak in the healthiest water with the least amount of chemicals. With proper care, it will save you thousands of gallons of water over time, as regular water changes only have to be done once a year. Easier on you, and easier on the environment. Plus, the cartridge for the salt system is easy to replace, requires no cleaning—and is recyclable.
  • Bluetooth Music—If you’re a music lover, you’ll love this. Synch your phone or another music source up to your hot tub and enjoy your favorite tunes while you soak. The subwoofer provides a rich sound. You’ll love it!
  • Wireless HD Monitor—Take the entertainment factor to the next level and add our 22″ wireless monitor to the Bluetooth Music System. You’ll be able to stream from devices or your home entertainment and cable. Enjoy movies, your favorite shows, or watch a game while soaking. A terrific way to turn your hot tub into an entertainment center for all your friends and family.

Two other fantastic innovations available for your hot tub at Olympic get rid of the hassle of the traditional vinyl hot tub cover. They’re terrific looking and easy to use. They also get you away from waterlogged covers that lose their energy efficiency and get tossed in the landfill every few years.

  • Covana—This amazing automated gazebo serves as your cover AND an enclosure for your tub! With the turn of a key, Covana glides up to allow you to enjoy a soak in your tub. When done, lower Covana, and it becomes the hot tub cover. Incredibly energy efficient, it can even hold snow loads up to 600 lbs!

Several models are available for both hot tubs and swim spas.

  • Smartop—This luxe hardcover with integrated lift system is the only cover you’ll need. Designed so any part can be replaced over time, contemporary, and the perfect complement to Hot Spring Spas. A bonus we love? They’re made here in Washington State by Leisure Concepts!

Ready for a tub? Olympic has six showrooms in greater Puget Sound. We’ll be happy to find you the perfect tub to enhance your health and well-being.