How Much Does a Hot Tub Cost

How Much Does a Hot Tub Cost

Why don’t we have the prices listed right on our website?

Under the terms of our agreement as a licensed dealer for Hot Spring, Limelight, Hot Spot and Freeflow Spas we are not allowed to post prices on our website. That said, we explain the basics here to help you budget and plan. We have hot tubs to fit every backyard and budget ranging form $3,500-$15,000.


Hot Tub Costs

Premium $11,000-15,000.
Many hot tubs by top manufacturers are in this category. They’re sized from compact tubs to seat 3 to our largest tubs that seat 8. All feature top quality acrylic shells, well-built frames, best insulation for highest energy efficiency, cutting edge technology and innovation, best seating ergonomics, designer styling, quiet operation and longest warranty. Available with the widest variety of state of the art optional features.

  • Everything You Need $7,000-$11,000.
  • High quality hot tubs that offer terrific reliability and comfort plus energy efficiency. Sized for just two up to six people with traditional styling, plenty of massage and some premium options available.
  • Just the Basics $4,000-$6,000.
    Perfect for the hot tub beginner or someone who loves simple designs. A quality hot tub in this range represent a good value. Some are specifically designed to fit balconies, patios, & condos usually seating 2-4 comfortably. Others will easily seat five adults. Most hot tubs in this range run on 110 volts and do not require a dedicated outlet.

At Olympic Hot Tub, the basics like vinyl hot tub cover, water care featuring ozone, complete water care kits (no start up packets here!) and full service delivery and set-up on your prepared site are included in the price of the hot tub you select. Options include: steps, lifters, music/entertainment systems, salt water care, and removal of your existing hot tub.

One More Thing to Consider, Hot Tub Costs Over Time

How much will your hot tub cost to operate over time? That factor plus your initial purchase price will give you the lifetime cost of ownership for the spa you select. How to gauge lifetime ownership:

  • The expected life or durability
  • The cost of operation
  • The warranty and warranty performance which will affect your cost of repairs and service over time.

Quality Pays
It’s a fact in the hot tub industry that a well-built hot tub will last you much longer (often a decade or more) than a poor quality spa (3-4 years). This means your initial purchase price will be spread over more years of use. A quality spa that costs you $10,000 initially and lasts 10 years costs you the same per year as a poor quality spa that costs you $4,000 and only lasts for 4 years.

Energy Savings
High quality spas are fully foam filled except for the equipment bay and use much less energy to keep them at temperature and ready to use.
And, that’s the point, isn’t it? Most of the top hot tub manufacturers can supply their ratings from the California Energy Commission which keeps hot tub energy use statistics.

Warranty and performance

You Will Love Your New Quality Hot Tub for Years to Come
A hot tub becomes a valued part of your daily life that you will enjoy for years. The benefits of always-ready hydrotherapy, relaxation, and fun right in your own backyard are really, priceless.
Consider the quality and value –not just the initial price-when making your decision on which hot tub is best for you. You will be rewarded with better features, better hydrotherapy, and a lower cost of ownership over time.

Need pricing on specific model hot tubs on our website? Click here or call now 1-888-292-0866.

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