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Spa Care

Make sure your spa stays clean with filters, spa vacuums, and other products, specifically created for your Hot Spring model. Browse our selection of premium Hot Spring products available from your local dealer.

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Replacement Covers

Our spa covers are made to last, but they will wear over time. Your spa cover is a critical part of the Energy Smart® system, and key to achieving the energy efficiency that sets Hot Spring apart. When the time comes, insist on a genuine Hot Spring replacement cover.

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10 Things You Should Never Do

Your hot tub treats you right. Don’t do it wrong. Here’s a list of mistakes to avoid so your spa is always in great working order and ready for a soak whenever you are.

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Referral Rewards

Share the magic and earn rewards! Receive your referral rewards when your friends purchase a new hot tub or sauna from Olympic.

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Soaking Safety

The hot water and jets soothe your body and rejuvenate your spirits. The recommended guidelines here will help you and your family to soak safely.