Finding the right hot tub or swim spa

We've been in business since 1977. And we've been doing just one thing that entire time: selling products to bring wellness through water to your home. That means we've had a lot of practice and experience that positions us to confidently guide you to the right answer for you in a new hot tub or swim spa. If you buy the right product that will satisfy your needs and give back to you every day, you'll absolutely love it! That's what we strive for when you shop with us. Here are a few things to consider as you embark on your shopping journey.

Hot tub and swim spa shopping 101

Here’s a short guide written with the help of  sales pros nationwide that outlines what you can do to get great service and the best hot tub or swim spa for you and your family.

Sales pros can help you best if you help them!

The way to get what you really want is to share your expectations, dreams, desires, likes and dislikes with your salesperson and be fully present in the buying process.

  1. Telegraph that you’re serious

Not the old “I’m just browsing”. Most hot tub stores are destinations. The salesperson knows you didn’t just wander in by accident. Say what you’re looking for: “I’m looking for a backyard hot tub to seat four.” Explaining why you are purchasing a hot tub or swim spa (such as entertainment, therapy, home retreat) will be especially helpful for your sales pro in presenting your best options.

  1. Prepare in advance

Take photos of your outdoor space as well as preliminary measurements. Bring them with you to share with your sales pro.

  1. Anticipate a Test Dip

Call the store in advance to set up a time. Bring suits and towels. At Olympic Hot Tub we provide fresh suits and clean towels. We WANT you to take a test dip. We ENCOURAGE you to take a test dip. You wouldn’t buy a car without taking a test drive so why even consider a hot tub or swim spa without trying it? Taking a test dip in the models you’re interested in will be the ultimate test of what’s best for you. Simply schedule a time at one of our stores.

  1. Overshare

The more details you share, the more likely you’ll succeed in finding the right answer for you. The sales pro wants to meet your expectations and fulfill your dreams, but can do that only if you share what they are. This is not time to make like a clam. Don’t expect him or her to guess what’s on your mind. When you do share, expect the salesperson to listen fully to what you’re saying!

  1. Declare your don’ts

Treat your sales person as your personal resource. By sharing what you hate in terms of colors, shapes, and seating as you tour the showroom, the sales associate can help you narrow your choices in the search for perfection.

  1. Be budget blunt

Being coy about how much you plan to spend leads the sales associate to offer models that you have no intention of purchasing. If you’re unsure of how much you need to spend to get what you want, give a range. Check out financing options to ease your budget concerns.

  1. Expect recommendations

You don’t have to do it all yourself. The best sales professionals have trusted connections for electricians and contractors to help with decking and landscaping that they can recommend.

  1. Ask for an in-home consultation

Don’t be afraid to ask your sales pro to come out to your home and check out your space. At Olympic Hot Tub we’re happy to set-up a FREE in-home consultation for you. All you have to do is ask! Having an Olympic hot tub expert out to your home will: a) Help you choose the right model for your needs and lifestyle; b) Help you identify the right location and place to install your new tub or swim spa; c) Help you choose the right model to suit your budget.

How much does a hot tub or swim spa cost?

We often hear the question, “Why aren’t prices listed on your website?”

Under the terms of our agreements with hot tub manufacturers, we are not permitted to post pricing on our website. We do have hot tubs to fit everyone’s budget! From pre-owned tubs to plug-n play to high design tubs with saltwater care and terrific swim spas, we’re confident you’ll find something that’s just right for you.

Unlike many hot tub companies, we do our best to try and provide all the basics you need with your hot tub for no additional fee. On hot tubs, your vinyl cover is included, as well as deluxe water care kits (no start up packets!) We include deluxe water care kits with your swim spa, and we even include a complimentary visit from our Valet Team within your first six months of ownership to make sure things are going well.

Price is one thing, quality is another.
Purchasing a good quality hot tub or swim spa from a retailer that has a long history carrying the same brand will translate into terrific return on your investment. We sell tubs known to typically last at least 10-15 years or longer. This means your initial purchase will be spread over more years of use vs. spending less on a tub that may only last 3-5 years.

A well-designed tub or swim spa from a reputable manufacturer will have a warranty designed to cost you little. Comprehensive warranty coverage with minimal co-pays means that, frankly, they don’t expect you to need the warranty! That’s a strong statement of how confident a manufacturer is of their expertise building a solid product that will perform well for you. We partner with Hot Spring Spas and Endless Pools because of the quality of the products and have been their exclusive dealer in greater Puget Sound since 1982! You cannot find that type of partnership anywhere else in our market.

Think about how much more you’ll save.
A high quality tub or swim spa today will be energy efficient and feature water care systems that should cost you far less to operate. Defaulting to a less expensive "Brand X" may save you a bit of money up front but cost you thousands more over time. Buy smart!

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