You’re Wasting Your Money if You Don’t Hot Tub BEFORE a Massage

March 21, 2012

Hot Tub before a massage to get the full benefit of those hands on your sore, achy body.

Getting a good massage is one of life’s pleasures. It’s a necessity for those who experience chronic pain & aches and a way to feel good for the rest of us.

Many of our Olympic hot tub owners get weekly or bi-weekly massages for health, pain relief and relaxation.  The cost of regular massages can add up. If you’re going straight to your massage without soaking in a hot tub first, you’re not getting the full benefit for your time and money.

Take a soak in the hot tub before your massage for 15-20 minutes and you’ll enjoy a better massage, guaranteed.

Your surface muscles will be relaxed by the hot water and the soothing jets make it possible for the masseuse to work deeper without your feeling pain.

New to massage? Not sure what kind to select or what to select? For the lowdown on rubdowns, here’s a quick guide to what works best when.

1. Deadlines or family dramas have left your wound up and tense.
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Swedish Massage. Long strokes increase blood circulation and the therapist will pass the muscles back and forth between he hands to dissolve tension. Deep-tissue massage is the Swedish technique applied with more pressure. If you’re new to massage, watch out. You may be sore for 24-48 hours afterward. Not so much if you soak first.

2.  You need help keeping up with your new workout regime.

Sports Massage. This involves more stretching and rocking of the body and is a bit faster paced than the other techniques. It’s designed to invigorate the body, prevent injuries and help anyone pushing physical boundaries.

3. Your joints are tight.

Thai massage. Usually done on floor mats, Thai massage is like yoga with a helper. You’re fully clothed as the therapist intertwines her body with yours and gently persuades your limbs, torso to stretch in ways they’ve never been asked to do before. Great for loosening your joints & expanding your range of motion.

4. You’re feeling sluggish or bloated.

Lymphatic drainage. Very light strokes focus on the soft tissue-not muscles or joints. Helps disperse excess fluid and is often recommend post surgery to reduce swelling.

5. You’re on your feet all day or wear high heels.

Reflexology. Working from the theory that every muscle and organ has a corresponding point on the feet, the reflexologist presses her thumbs in circular motions over the soles & tops of the feet as well as the ankles. Feels heavenly.

 6. You Want to Float Home.

Four-handed massage. Many spas offer massages with two therapists working on your body in sync. You’re getting twice as much massage in the same amount of time.

So select the type of massage that suits your needs and make an appointment.  Consider the masseuse!  It’s easier on the masseuse if you’re warm and relaxed when you get on the massage table.

Massages can be expensive, but worth every penny in giving you relief. So, soak in your Hot Spring Spa before your massage and make it even more worthwhile.

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.


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