Working Out in A “Brain Gym”? Hot Tub Before Doing Mental Gymnastics

March 16, 2011

The Wall Street Journal reported on  “brain gyms” last year which prompted a flood of articles touting mental gymnastics for staying alert, sharp and “cognitively healthy”. Especially popular with baby boomers , brain gyms offer a number of ways to work out on 20 computer stations loaded with “mental fitness” software, including a “neurobics circuit” that purports to stretch the brain. Sounds great, doesn’t it??!

The centerpiece of most outlets is a computer lab equipped with special software according to the trade group Brain Gym Interntaional.  Like gym rats who hit the weight machines or take Pilates classes, some users of the new technology say they prefer working with personal trainers. Individual sessions are spent doing things like mental-fitness assessments and relaxation exercises in addition to basic cognitive training.

Even community centers and retirement homes are offering “brain gyms” to help residents stay sharp.

The Journal reported that thousands of Americans are choosing to join these so-called  “brain gyms” springing up around the country. Similar brain-teaser programs are available on home computers, sometimes free of charge. However,the scientific jury is still out on usefulness of any such software at a “brain gym” or on your home computer.

Have you joined a “brain gym” or do “brain exercises” online? If so, increase your performance by soaking in your Hot Spring Spa BEFORE a session.  The increased blood flow to the brain as a result of  hot tub soaking helps with alertness and mental acuity!  Do a controlled test on yourself.  Do the “exercises” without soaking for a week. Then, soak and do the “exercises”.  Send us your results!

Your health-mental and physical is your most important asset. Soaking is good for you in more ways than one!

SANUM PER AQUA Latin for Health Through Water.

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